Coffee and Blogging, Oh How I’ve Missed You

A Halle Angel

We’ve had so many snow days this season. I’m watching snowflakes swirl around outside and I absolutely love it. I’ve heard different people grumbling about it though and that’s because everybody has a big case of cabin fever. I’m afraid if I complain about it though we won’t see snow again for years- because you know, the weather is completely dependent on my attitude.

Yesterday I was working out on the exercise bike. I had the window open and was enjoying the fresh (and really cold)air and decided to open the screen too. It was really cool to watch the snow fall and have the snowflakes blow inside and land on my leg and shoulder. It’s probably because I’m from Florida. I dreamed forever of living where it snowed so I never want to take it for granted. Fortunately for us we never really have to shovel our way out of it. I will say that I’m maybe, possibly, really looking forward to spring.

And here are the promised pictures of the bedroom. I’m sure you all remember what it looked like before. Trav had the hardest time with it. He didn’t want to ask for help but since he didn’t ask my advice either, he ended up doing some things that didn’t need to be done and ended up taking him a lot longer than it should have. But it’s done now and I’m so thankful.

I originally intended to go with a plain white comforter but when I saw this I just loved it. I really love embroidered things. It’s a king size on our queen size bed but it fits so much better than a full/queen comforter. I’m not sure why full/queen comforters are made anyway.

It looks like Cinderella’s pumpkin coach to me.

And here’s my mercury glass lamp. When I saw it at TJ Maxx I loved it. When I saw that the price tag said $29.99 I loved it even more. Unfortunately when you score something like that, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find the same lamp for the other night stand. No worries though, I intend to find a lamp that complements it. I know they don’t have to match but I probably will stress out a little over the shimmery lamp shade. All the other ones I’ve seen have been a flat white.

And remember the painting I’m doing for fun? Well, here’s a little sample. I read in an art e-mail about painting in a sketch book. I used to do it but when I started using acrylics I quit, thinking that I could only use watercolor. It has been very helpful. I can try out new ideas without actually committing to a canvas that I’m going to have to put somewhere. Or if it ends up being a big mess-up then I can just forget about it and turn the page. I like this one enough that I will put something similar on canvas. The problem with paper is that glazing isn’t possible and that changes the look completely. But again, I can at least see if I like it first. I’ve ruined at least a couple of canvases with paintings that I just don’t like.  Plus it’s really easy to just stick a sketch book into a bag and take it with me anywhere. The acrylics are another story but I’ve thought about dabbling in pastels and those I could take with me easily.

And now I’m off to work out. Amanda called a few minutes ago and asked if she could have lunch and take a shower here. Apparently her apartment only has 20 minutes of hot water and her roommate got in the shower first. Funny stuff. I may have another cup of coffee before that workout…while I watch the snow fall.


4 thoughts on “Coffee and Blogging, Oh How I’ve Missed You

  1. The lamp is gorgeous! The whole bedroom looks fantastic! Great job, Travis! Great taste, Amy!

    And, yes, I’m one of those “cabin fever” sick-of-snow people. The Southern Californian in me is now over the novelty of the precious white stuff… I WANT SPRING!

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