I feel happy. There, I said it. I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders and I can just enjoy life again. I wondered in the last 10 years if I’d know instantly that I was in a new season or if I’d just realize it because things changed gradually. I think it was both.

Right now, in this season whatever it is, I’m enjoying little girls giggles. I appreciate our extra room and that the girls can close the door and run and scream and have a fabulous time. I’m not even freaked out that I haven’t painted it yet. I love it that Halle loves to snuggle and kiss and tickle and wrestle. It’s the coolest thing that Chloe is getting bigger and is doing things-like baking-on her own. She had a product and services fair last week and she decided to have a bakery. She spent hours baking brownies, muffins and cookies. She was excited that she had to “hand knead” the cookie dough. I even let her put the goodies into and retrieve them from the oven- that was hard for me. I think I’ll teach her to bake from scratch next.

I’m enjoying simple things and I don’t even have to make myself do it. I used to have to look for things to be thankful for and now I’m just thankful. I’ve realized that I’d rather have a picnic with Travis and the girls than eat at a restaurant. Pastor Dale says that you can tell when God has brought you into and out of a trying season (this is paraphrased) because on the other side you’re more thankful, more gracious, more compassionate & more loving. I think that’s true.

So my bliss today, as every day, will be snuggling with my little Halle on the couch. I’ll listen to Chloe’s stories and appreciate her art and tell her how proud I am of her. I’ll give my husband a big hug and kiss when he gets home from work, thankful for our life and our marriage. And I’ll listen to the girls fight when they’re in the bathtub, listen to them complain about dinner and watch them try to get out of going to bed. Because, well, that’s life- that’s my life. And I’m happy.


5 thoughts on “Bliss…

  1. Well, that is excellent news.
    I understand that wonderful feeling of coming out on the other side of a really rough season. It’s exhilarating! Enjoy it – eat it up 🙂

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