Can You Smell It?

Spring has a scent. A beautiful, wonderful, crisp scent. Autumn has a scent too, crisp but earthy and warm. And I suppose winter and summer do too but spring is what I’m looking toward now. I was looking at Christy’s pictures and I could smell spring. I know that they aren’t quite there either but I know it’s coming. We are actually supposed to be in the mid 40’s this week and I’m starting to see buds on the trees that lets me know it’s coming.

Spring is more dramatic here than it is in Florida. Florida is always beautiful, always green. And unfortunately, we’re mostly brown and gray for the whole winter. I’m used to it now but it was really difficult to adjust to. I love it when everything that’s dormant springs to life. Everything about the trees and grass would suggest that it’s dead. Until the weather changes and you can see the life again. It’s all about the seasons.

I went to the Dr. yesterday. It seems that something is well, wrong. And she doesn’t know what it is. So I get to go to a specialist. And maybe have a procedure. Well, I’ll most likely have a procedure. And it will be expensive. And I’ll have to pay out of pocket. And my pockets aren’t really very deep. And it bothers me. I don’t really feel like dealing with this right now. And yet, I must. So I will. And it will be ok. Really.

So why share on my blog something that I don’t even feel like talking about? Because I believe with everything that’s in me that God is going to receive glory from my life. My mentor says that “nothing in the kingdom is wasted” and I believe that. If the trials that I’ve faced at least let someone know that someone else understands struggle and suffering then it’s not wasted. And I’ve punched satan in the face. Because you know, it doesn’t matter how girlie you look on the outside, everybody needs to punch something from time to time. And it might as well matter.

Spring is here.


3 thoughts on “Can You Smell It?

  1. Hooray for spring – in all aspects of your life! Praying for you.
    (We’re actually pretty brown around here too, due to The Freeze and I can’t wait for it to green back up!)

  2. As I am in your beloved Florida I will agree with Christy and say that it’s a bit brown. Not as brown as Tennessee though. I did step out of the car yesterday after the funeral we went to and thought…wow…that smells almost like spring. So, yeah, I know what you mean and I’d have to say it was a pretty encouraging smell.

    I’m sorry about the “something” that’s not right and I will be praying. I don’t tend to be a “punch” sort of person, but I totally get that, I don’t know that I can throw any knockout blows, but I’m planted in your corner. Love you.

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