This Was Supposed to be the Day

I got up this morning with an “ugh, I don’t feel good”. The truth is I haven’t felt well in close to a month. There were a couple of days last week that I felt better, and I worked out, and I haven’t felt well since then. But I had to get up because I had an appointment with a specialist.

Travis worked from home today so that I wouldn’t have to find a sitter for Halle. It was nice to have him home except that, you know, he actually has to work. And he talks to himself while he does it. It’s funny and I’ve sort of gotten used to it although I still answer him sometimes. Halle sort of flipped when she found out I was leaving, “mommmyyyyyy nooooo, doooonnnnn’t leeeeaaaaavvvvveee me”! Kindergarten should be fun.

So I got all dressed and headed to the Dr.’s office. I was early even. I filled out all the paperwork and handed it in to the receptionist who then informed me that they don’t take my insurance. D’oh. Normally I would have checked that. I assumed that since my Dr. referred me that they knew what insurance I had and that they’d check that beforehand. You know what happens when you assume, right? Now, the receptionist was as sweet as a southern glass of iced tea and made phone calls to make sure of this and that. When she was on the phone I’d hear her say “Well, I’m just fine, thank you”. Then she’d say “my name’s ah-Ruby”. I’m not sure why she put the “ah” in front of it but it was cute. So I had to make the decision on-the-fly of whether or not to go with the dreaded out-of-network option. I actually decided to do it because I’m sort of anxious for some answers but she offered to make an appt. for me with another in-network doctor. I’m certain that was the best move.

So I left, slightly-not-completely-happy but not overly peeved. Which is progress for me. So I had to grab a bite to eat and Taco Bell was close. And after lunch I decided that Taco Bell isn’t really food and that I should never eat there again. And then to Publix. Although I absolutely love being with my girls, I have to say that it was really nice to be able to shop without their input.

Soon I’d like to get to the “adventure” part in my Mrs. Adventures. I’m pretty sure that will be soon. I think that I had to have a health crisis to get to the bottom of why I’ve been so health-challenged for the last (almost) 9 years. And I think it’s all related. So I have to wait another 9 days. I guess in the grand scheme of things it’s not that big of a deal. It probably would be if I was freaked out.

When I was pregnant with Halle I had a check-up at about 16 weeks. Travis went with me and it was just a routine thing. But when the Dr. tried to check her heart rate he couldn’t find anything. Nothing. Zilch.Nada. He was reassuring and said that everything was probably ok but I needed to have an ultrasound right away. I was concerned but I had complete peace. While Travis and I were waiting for the ultrasound we talked and laughed and commented on how we were actually there to see if the baby was still alive. But I knew she was. Actually, I knew “it” was because I didn’t know she was a she yet. When we were called back to the ultrasound room I got all prepped and before she started, the technician typed “viability” as the reason for the ultrasound. I didn’t really like that word. It stung a bit. But when she put the instrument into the goo on my stomach there was little Halle, kicking, heart beating and moving around without a care in the world. And we found out she was a girl. I knew that she would be ok and she was. I know that this will be ok. It might take longer than I want to for that to be confirmed but it will be. And then I’m going hiking.


7 thoughts on “This Was Supposed to be the Day

  1. I have no doubt that you will go hiking with me. One day, very soon, we will go to Gatlinburg and take a hike. There’s a four mile trail that takes you to a couple of different waterfalls. And you get to hike through a forest that’s never been cut. Then we can go eat at The Pancake Pantry- lol!

  2. Ugh. More waiting. I’m so sorry šŸ˜¦ Sounds like you are doing alright with it, though. And I’m with you on the Taco Bell thing. I only do it when I have to!

  3. I never used to eat Taco Bell, but Kris likes it and of course it’s super cheap. Now…since my boys don’t like anything there, I somehow feel like I’m treating myself if I get to eat there. Insane.

    I’m sorry that you had to wait but I am so thankful that you know that it will be okay. I have that feeling too and I’m so, so glad we have the Holy Spirit to whisper those things to us.

  4. I really have been wowed by your peace through all this. All the change God has forced you through is doing its work in you just as He promised… and it must be so great to know it is visible to others around you. ‘Cause it is. I like it.

    Also, how horrible to have “viability” typed in as a reason! Our spunky little Halle was just playing tricks! Kind of like her… quietly playing in a corner only to break out in a hysterical laugh over the silliness of it all! Yeah, you couldn’t hear it, but I’m betting she was laughing at the tech! šŸ™‚

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