Hitting the Highlights

It’s been a week. And though lots has happened, I don’t know that any one of them would make an entire post. I’m currently finishing a cup of coffee and am waiting for my parents to get here. My mom called yesterday and said “hey, we’re coming tomorrow”. So we scurried to get ready. We’re still not completely ready. I need to sweep and mop the kitchen and I think that takes about a half an hour. So without further ado, I will commence with my ramblings.

First the silly stuff- I have decided that I want, not a Westie and not a Shih tzu but a Golden Retriever. I’ve always been partial to little girlie dogs. I’ve never fancied myself one of those people that liked to have dogs that could eat large things. But I had to think about what purpose I wanted it to serve. Companionship of course, but what else? I want to be able to walk with it. And sometimes I like to take long walks. Shih tzus like to walk but they can’t get hot. And they have hair that’s fussy and needs to be groomed. I’m not feeling the fussy part right now. Westies can walk a long way but they dig. And I like to plant things. It takes my thoughts back to the cat debacle. They were a constant source of frustration and I don’t want that again. And while I’m sure that Golden Retrievers aren’t perfect, I think they suit the bill for the active lifestyle that Travis and I want to live. He could go hiking with us and we wouldn’t have to carry him. We could take him to the Harpeth and he could jump in and be fine. Sure there are large muddy paw prints to deal with and a larger amount of fur, etc. But I think this will suit us. Plus Travis has always wanted one. I don’t think Chutney works as a big dog name though. That’s more of a purse-dog name.  I like Max. But Travis doesn’t. We’ll see. It’s not like we could have one of those here anyway, so we have a while to think about it. Oh, and I want it to not be a puppy. A rescue would work nicely because I don’t want to have to do the training. It’s all about knowing your limits.

I’m a dork. But you already knew that. I was leaving the house yesterday for a Dr. appointment and I couldn’t find the cap to my thermos. I take my thermos everywhere. I like to have water with me and I don’t like to buy it. Plus it tastes better out of a stainless steel thermos than it does out of a plastic bottle. Anyway, I couldn’t find my cap. So I had to take my back-up thermos. It’s also stainless steel and it’s one of the trendy ones that everyone carries (but mine cost $5 at Target) but it isn’t insulated like my favorite one is. It had been sitting in the very back of the fridge for a couple of weeks and I grabbed it on my way out the door. I was really thirsty and opened it to drink it while I was driving, and nothing. What? It was frozen. So I shook it and was able to get a couple of sips out. When I got to the Dr. I was still thirsty so I tossed it into my incredibly large purse. Then I found my way into the office and bounced in like a little ray of sunshine. I surprised myself at how bubbly I was. I yakked away with the receptionist about this and that and found a seat on a big leather couch. It was comfy. I grabbed a magazine and reached for my water bottle again. “Surely it’s thawed enough by now”, I thought. It had. But there was a large block of ice right in the middle, which slid back very quickly after I took the bottle from my lips and “splash”! Water.all.over.my.face. The other guy in the room laughed and I laughed and we struck up a conversation about cars. Well, he struck up a conversation about cars. Because he sells them. I ended up with a business card. And thankfully I had a very short wait in the waiting room.

I’ve been researching lots of different symptoms lately with this health thing. And I’ve found that nearly everything goes along with tiredness. Really. If something isn’t right in your body, you’ll be tired. Genius, right? So my symptoms could go with nearly anything. Except that one thing in particular stands out. My episodes where I’m so tired I can’t move always goes along with the amount of stress I’m under and exercise. And only one thing I’ve found so far goes along with exercise intolerance. What? There’s such a thing? Yes. Yes, there is. Oh, and it goes right along with debilitating fatigue. And it all has to do with hormones. I actually know for a fact that my hormones are out of whack because one of my Dr.s did a blood test that said they were. And her approach it to use synthetic hormones. I don’t like them and I’m watching every pain to see if I’m going to drop dead from using them. So, one of my harebraned schemes is to replace that with a hormone balancing cream that’s natural. Travis is all for it. I used to sell the stuff when I was with Arbonne, so I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to remember it. I didn’t sign-up again or anything, I just ordered it off of Ebay. If that doesn’t work I’m going to go to a Dr. that specializes in this stuff. You can find the quiz I took about hormone imbalance here. And the description of Adrenal Fatigue here. And honestly, it describes every symptom I have. Down to the difficulty in concentrating and insomnia. If I’m going to be completely honest though, I’m a little frustrated that my Dr. just wants to prescribe meds rather than getting to the bottom of things. It’s probably because she was a pharmacist first. One way or another we’re going to get to the bottom of this thing.

And now, I’m off to get ready for my parents visit. They have a big surprise for me. Actually, I know what it is but it was a surprise when they told me. So I’m going to surprise you…mwahahaha! It’ll be fun! Really, you’ll love it. And I’ll make something for you with it. Ooh, it can be a game. If any of you guess what it is, then I will make something for you and send it or deliver it to wherever you are. Sound like fun? I’ll post what it is on Monday…good luck!

I have to edit this to add that Tisra, although I love you, you’re not eligible because I already told you what it was. Which I didn’t think of until I was in the shower. Ditto for mom and dad.


7 thoughts on “Hitting the Highlights

  1. Oooh. I love games. Let’s see you can make something with it, your parents are traveling with it, A SEWING MACHINE! Maybe. You already have an easel right? You don’t have a loom, or a quilt frame, but I’m thinking those are out. Knitting needles wouldn’t require a trip from Birmingham and if you’re willing to ship what you make, it wouldn’t likely be food. So…I’ll stick with sewing machine for now…NO…better yet…an EMBROIDERY MACHINE. That’s it. That’s my guess.

    I love that you write stories about spilling water on yourself. Everything has a back story and just saying, “I spilled water on myself at the doctor’s office” wouldn’t have been nearly as fun to read.

    When you said that about hormones I immediately thought of Arbonne and that cream. You should have just asked me. I don’t know what you were thinking. Seriously though. I really hope that works for you.

    • I *should* have asked you. I can’t believe you let me come up with that myself- there may have been some divine inspiration there. Really Mary, I could have lost 20 pounds by now and run a marathon 😛

  2. 🙂 [yes, that’s the sneaky, “I know something” smile!]

    Also, there is a doctor or tow here in Nashville that does the hormone testing and then *matches* the natural product to your specific needs. My dermatologist told me about it when I was getting severe hormonal acne after weaning Lael (though, she said mine would probably resolve without intervention and it did… so I never went).

  3. Have you seen “Marley & Me” ? Seriously, I suggest you rent it…It’s great…very funny and sad…and eye-opening…LOL

    As far as the “contest”…I really want a Cricut…so maybe it’s one of those?

    Re: Tired? Tired? I’m stinking tired…. 🙂 and so is my husband…all the time…every day…

  4. Ooo! What a conundrum for me! I hate guessing – due to the overwhelming possibility that I will be publicly wrong. But I love getting stuff, especially if it’s been made by somebody I know! Rrrrgh. OK. Since Mary changed hers to embroidery machine, I’m going with sewing machine, since that’s the first thing I thought of. But I think you already have one. But I also think it doesn’t work right…
    Oh, I don’t know.
    Yeah. Sewing machine.

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