So Hey…

Here I am. Yes, I made it through the procedure only slightly worse for wear. I mean, I’m fine, I just get completely grossed out at the whole medical procedure process. It never ceases to amaze me that people actually choose to do that stuff. I’ll spare you all the details because, well, I just will. I don’t mind poking fun at myself over such things as long as I don’t embarrass myself too much. But I also don’t want to be an old granny, recounting all my surgeries, procedures, illnesses, blech. I will say that I’m three out of four now for crying when I wake up from anesthesia. Gaaa, I hate that stuff. Mostly because I’m so out of it and I try to not be so out of it and if I’d just not say anything-or cry- I wouldn’t sound like such a dork. Sheesh. Anyway, yes, they found something. We just have to wait for pathology to tell us what kind of something it is. I’m not worried. It’s just that it’s still hanging out there until we get word. And I want it resolved. In my head, I thought that once we got past yesterday it would be resolved. I just didn’t think about the pathology part. Travis said in an e-mail yesterday that “they didn’t think it was a big deal” which is my husband’s interpretation of what they said. My interpretation is that they would see what it was once pathology let them know. Then I either have to have this done again in 5 years, if say, it were some sort of something or come back when I’m 50, if it’s nothing. I think my interpretation is more accurate, mostly since nobody said “it’s no big deal” and the Dr. said basically what I relayed to you. But you can totally decide for yourself. Moving on…

There’s so much here that we’re gearing up for now. The trip, in a week and a half is now going to include a little stop over in Asheville! In all the time we’ve lived here, I never realized that it’s so close. I’ve always wanted to go there and I’ve wanted to see the Biltmore estate for a very long time. Sadly, that won’t be on this trip because it’s just too pricey and this is just a one day endeavor. I guess we’re looking at it as more of a scoping-out venture. It’s only about two hours from Gatlinburg, although I’ve heard tell of a rockslide that’s covering I-40 in both directions. Too bad. We’ll just have to take the Blueridge Parkway to get there. I haven’t driven or ridden on that road in years and I can’t wait. That’s half the fun of getting there. The girls are really excited about it too. We do plan on seeing the botanical garden and downtown. The have trolley tours that take you through all the sites worth seeing but again, it’s a little pricey. I have it in my head that it will be a little piece of heaven that’s not too far away and is very, um, not Gatlinburg. No, I don’t hate Gatlinburg. I love the little German village part, next to the Pancake Pantry. I love the Mountains and that there are some serious hiking trails. But I do hate the cheesy T-shirt shops and all the horror-house things they have along the strip. The girls get terrified. Anyway, if Asheville is a bust (which I doubt) then there’s always Savannah and Charleston.

And well, that’s about it. We got past Tuesday and we’re planning for a trip. I wish it was more exciting than that, *really*. I haven’t taken any pictures or crafted anything, although I am working on a painting for Travis. That’s usually slow going though. I bought the embroidery floss for your towels but still have to find the towels…yeah, we’re kind of just tied up with real-life stuff right now. So without further rambling, I will sign off…


9 thoughts on “So Hey…

  1. I love Asheville. I’ve been in the area many times and there is a little town near there called “Black Mountain.” If you get a chance to see it I highly recommend it. Little shops, cute restaurants, scenery and lots of old stuff. Asheville itself has this general store that Kris and I had the best time looking around in. It was very like an old fashioned dime store but very clean and fresh. It had a little bit of everything, from books, candles and tools to stick candy and saltwater taffy. I loved it. We often talk about trying to find it again, but you know how that goes.

    I’m glad you are passed Tuesday, it may not be resolved, but your one large step closer.

    I’m cheering for your health…me and God and a few other people…it’s a pretty good group your friends.

      • *You’re* funny 😀 I actually meant to write about it but forgot, that I do have amazing people in my life that really love me. I had an amazing amount of peace and emotional strength last week, after I posted about my anxiety. And I knew that people were praying for me and that God was answering those prayers. It’s amazing what happens when I allow myself to be vulnerable. People know the need and care enough to pray and God answers. It’s such an amazing thing. I think in all of this, I’ve learned that being vulnerable and saying “hey everybody, this is just too much for me to handle” is good. That we’re meant to live in community and really “share each other’s burdens”. In the past I haven’t minded when someone else shared their burdens as long as I didn’t have to share mine. It’s amazing the changes God brings through really crummy circumstances.

        So do you think you could remember where that General Store is? I’d love to take the girls there. I’m a sucker for little places like that.

  2. Sigh. Glad you made it through Tuesday. Chin up and all that sort of thing. We’ll be waiting to hear the results when they come in.
    In the meantime, take lots of pictures on that dreamy-sounding trip! I wish I could come too!

    • Thanks! I didn’t actually expect you to have to dig for it…but now we have to go 🙂 I talked to Travis and he said it sounded like fun too. It will probably be the perfect spot to pick a little souvenir for the kiddos.

  3. While I want to hear that “its no big deal”, I do prefer the facts-based rehashing of the physician’s words. It just allows me to pray more specifically and to come to my own conclusions.

    What an ordeal, Amy! But, I think your weary body is going to find a point of rest and refreshment and healing and that this is part of the journey to that wellness. It’s got to be!

    Can’t wait to hear about the retreat/conference, too! I’d be game for that… but am completely married to one of the “not into it” sorts. I hope you can both be completely “into it” that weekend and gain fantastic wisdom, a cemented relationship, and a unity that will make you smile with giddiness at one another!

    • That was my only intent in saying that. Travis has a “everything’s ok” filter that makes him see nearly everything that way. Which is good for a lot of things, like keeping me from freaking out. But, like you, I prefer to hear facts.

  4. I know one of those old grannies who tell me (or anyone) about all her bodily processes…I am so thrilled about your upcoming vacation…don’t know why I was thinking you were going right after the c-thingy…Oh well, now you have something wonderful to look forward to!

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