Name That…

Puppy. Really. I’m so excited. And I may have cried when we decided to get her. Now we just need a name.


15 thoughts on “Name That…

  1. Another girl!!!! She looks so sweet! I just e-mailed you about a free puppy too. Funny. You guys are so good with pet names I don’t think I’d be much help. I’m just not practiced enough. We named our cows I guess but it was usually after dumb people that we knew.

    I don’t know. I think Constance is nice…she just looks sincere and faithful. Constance doesn’t sound much like a dog name though. Unless you shorten it to Connie. Hmmm. Blech. See…I’m just not very good at this. 🙂

    • Yeah, I got it. I thought “ah, but we just decided on this one last night”. Not to worry though, they’re part Jack Russell Terrier and I don’t think I could keep up with one of those. Any terrier is going to be high energy and I’m positive I couldn’t handle that.

      You named your cows after dumb people? That is too funny…unless you named one Amy 🙂

  2. I already put in my name on Facebook but here it is….Goldilocks….I don’t know why but I didn’t even think about it, it just popped into my head….Maybe it needs to pop out? 🙂 P.S. She’s a cutie!

    • That’s a sweet name…although I can’t imagine yelling that across a field. Chloe likes Coco, even though her nickname is Coco Puff. Or maybe because her nickname is coco puff. I seem to remember one young lad naming his dog Travis 😀


    Super fun. Super cute.

    Names? Looking at her, I think “Mouse”. Sounds silly, but I think it has to do with the white patch around her snout that makes her whiskers more pronounced. C’mon… Mouse is a cool name for a dog, non? 🙂

    Moving on. Susan. Charlotte (Lotta for short). Madge. Sasha.

    Eh. I’m no good at this.

  4. Chris and I aren’t having much luck brainstorming either. We thought of Molly (and since she’s a gollie, that kinda is sappy). That’s all I’ve got 🙂

    • Travis thought of Molly the Gollie too- LOL. I think that India is a front runner along with Syndey (I’m not as crazy about that one). India with Indy as a nickname as in- Indiana Jones. Amanda likes that one. I brainstorm much better with her. I think it’s our excitement level, it really lends itself to brainstorming. We have the whole week to think though. I want to meet her and see what her personality is like before we really decide.

  5. I know someone with a dog named Indy (For Indiana Jones), but their dog is a boy. I think that is super cute!

    “Sweets” is now a favorite for me.

    Still love Chutney, too! 🙂

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