I’m Back…Again

It’s warm today. Travis and I have been sleeping with the window vented (a cool little feature of our new windows) and it’s been kind of like camping. I’m sleeping like a baby. It was warmer last night though and there never was that chill in the air that I love so. It’s possible that today might be an air conditioning day. I’m such a wimp. But the kitchen floor feels sticky from humidity and I’m not sure I can stand it.

So, where to start? I always get into a writing rut when I’ve been away for a while. Maybe I should start at the end and that way when I’m finished they’ll be in order. Except for the dog. Ugh. We didn’t end up with the dog. It’s wasn’t for a lack of wanting her on our part but was miscommunication on the part of the dogs owners. So two families were promised the dog on the same morning and they picked the other family. There was much disappointment in the Button house and we’ve decided we’re going to take a couple of weeks to recover before we pick the dog discussion up again. We were offered another dog, a miniature golden, but her name is Chloe and well, one Chloe in the Button house is enough. We never really settled on a name. I really like Lucy Belle. Travis likened it to trout souffle’ with onions and salmon sauce. If you know my husband you’ll know that’s not a good thing. But then he did his Ricky Ricardo impression, “Oh, Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do”, and Lucy might stick.Β  I couldn’t get everybody on board with Chutney. Maybe I’ll post a list of discards (because there are a *lot*) to help any of you that might need a pet name at some point.

They really should make those tablets easier to identify. I ended up with 2 out of 5 in the right cups.

Easter was a comedy of errors, well, lunch was anyway. The Buttons were all up, dressed and ready on time. That doesn’t happen often. It’s amazing how motivating the possibility of not having a seat in church is. And church was different. Pastor wore a tie, a lavender tie. The tie was fine, I just don’t remember ever seeing him wear one. I think it messed with his mojo because church sort of felt scripted. I don’t ever remember a service like that before. Travis said it felt “churchy”. I don’t think our church does churchy well. We still worshipped, the music was still fantastic, and we still love our community. I’m just looking forward to next week. Then we came home with every intention of grilling burgers and chicken. Maybe I should be more traditional for the sake of the kids or something, but buying a whole ham for 5 Buttons is impractical. Besides, everybody likes burgers better. We’re celebrating the redemption of mankind, not a ham. I don’t really know what people eat on Easter anyway. It’s not one of those holidays that the food stuck out to me. But it didn’t matter because the hamburger and chicken were frozen solid. I was thawing them in the fridge and they just didn’t thaw in time. So we went to the one place we knew was open- Mellow Mushroom. And for those of you interested, Travis ordered the Buffalo Chicken pizza, not the bbq. And they must have known that Amanda was at our table because they really piled on the toppings. Maybe that will be our tradition from now on because we really had a good time.

Then we came home and colored eggs. It was late but we’d been so busy with vacation and then friends came into

I like the "Amy ❀ Travis" that Chloe did.

town on Friday for a little visit, we were completely tuckered out after walking around DTF f0r 4 1/2 hours, then errand running on Saturday, that we just didn’t have time beforehand. I get 4 magazines and all of them had wonderful Easter projects and I couldn’t do one of them due to vacation. But I’d rather have been vacationing so it worked out well. We hid eggs for the girls and they did their own little Easter egg hunt. And the girls sang worship songs for a lot of the day. It was beautiful.

Then we sort of lounged. It’s amazing how tired vacation makes you. It’s nice to get away and not have to worry about house things but it’s really nice to be back.


6 thoughts on “I’m Back…Again

  1. I am with you on the whole Easter lunch thing. We didn’t really know what to do with ourselves. Ham was what came to mind and we did eat ham, but not the traditional huge ham that roasts in the oven while you’re in church.

    I like the mellow mushroom idea. Traditions don’t have to be traditional after all.

    It sure was great seeing you guys on Friday. We must plan more of these things. It was a good tired.

    • You know I’m going to say you should move to Franklin, right? In lieu of that though, we should get together soon. Well, just let me know a weekend you’re free and we’ll work it out. You guys should come here. I know of a few subdivisions to show you… πŸ˜€

  2. I can’t believe the dog thing. Argh! I can’t even begin to imagine the drama and sadness that such news created for your girls. Sigh.

    For us, we didn’t really do much of anything for Easter this year. The kids and I read Bible verses leading up to Christ’s death all last week. But then, something happened Friday (Oh! Dorothy’s speech appt. was changed to early, early morning) and we never had Bible time before leaving… so we never actually read the part about His crucifixion and resurrection. We never dyed eggs, either. Every year, I always want to try making the resurrection cookies in the oven overnight and never pull it together to do it the night before Easter. I think, like Christmas, there can be crafts/traditions you want to do, but don’t have time. Or momentum finally builds by the time the holiday arrives and then you feel like you can’t do it *after*. But, I might just do it this week. After all, every day should be a day to praise Him for his power over the grave! We did do an egg hunt and had a non-traditional lunch with Tim and Ang: fritatta and chicken salad.

    Looking forward to hearing more of the good stuff that happened last week- conference and vacation! All good stuff, I’m sure!

    • I don’t even know what resurrection cookies are. You have to share in case I get ambitious next year. Heck, if we’re having pizza I’ll have plenty of time to do other fun stuff!

  3. Chris and I are both relieved that Travis ordered the correct pizza. Chris says, “atta boy.”
    I think holiday traditions are only special if they’re what you like to do – the best ones are the ones that suit your family best. Even if it’s buffalo chicken pizza.

    • You know, he struggled with it the rest of Friday and Saturday. I think we finally talked about it enough that he was able to remember πŸ˜‰ You guys are welcome to have Buffalo Chicken pizza with us anytime πŸ˜€

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