Vacation Pictures, The Smokies

Bridge by Ripley's Aquarium

I’m too tired and too behind on laundry to write much today. But I said we’d see the smokies today, so here we go.

Cold and rainy in the german village. I got a really good Latte and gave my sweater to Chloe.

The German village again. One of 3 spots in Gatlinburg that I really like. Oh, and Halle got my other sweater.

Poor Chloe after I opened my big mouth about the dog. I'm not sure what the cube thing is.

Chloe got tired of the typical pose...

The's hard to believe that we don't go there more often. We hadn't been there since Halle was about 18 months old. I think we'll go back a lot more.

The Button girls, too cool for school...

We followed this stream all the way up the mountain and back down again. I could sit by it all day long.

Travis and his girls...

I really love it there and am looking forward to going back. Except that I really need to see the ocean first…


6 thoughts on “Vacation Pictures, The Smokies

  1. So glad you guys had such a wonderful time! I don’t know when you first visited Gatlinburg but for me it all started on my honeymoon…Doug took me to Cherokee first and then on to Gatlinburg and…I fell in love…Then we took the boys practically every year for years…

    • P.S. While I am thinking of it…is there any chance I can change that ugly orange quilt by my name? LOL…but seriously!

      • If you get a word press account then you can upload your own gravatar. I don’t know of any other way to get rid of it.

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