There’s a bit of truth to that whole “I was so mad it made my blood boil”. Amanda came over yesterday. She hasn’t been able to eat for a few days because of things that are going on and she came over to talk. She’d already kind of laid out what was going on and she recapped that and let me in on the latest. And I began to rant. A rant the likes of which has rarely been seen but Travis later called “the great rant of 2010”. And as I began to rant and raise my voice and say a lot of good things, but some things that are ridiculous, I saw a weight melt off of her. And then I saw hope come back into her eyes. She had to know that Mom and Dad are there for her. That we won’t hesitate to step in if she can’t handle this herself. But to let her try to handle this herself. To give her the tools and the clarity and the steps to work this thing out. That even though she’s moved out, we’re still her covering. We’re still the ones that she needs to come to for big life issues. That we’re not perfect but we have wisdom that comes from being older and having lived through a lot of garbage. That we’re completely behind her but if we have to step in front of her and fight, we won’t hesitate to crack some heads (it’s the ridiculous that lets her know I love her). She laughed at the ridiculous things I said and appreciated the wisdom and clarity I brought to the situation. When we were done talking she said she felt better, her stomach quit hurting and she didn’t feel confused anymore. It was a moment in which it felt really good to be a crazy mom. She’s not out of the woods yet. There are people involved that shouldn’t be. People that think they know what’s best but aren’t old enough to discern wise advice from feelings. I’m praying for clarity and that our daughter will learn to listen to those that have a place of authority in her life and to ignore those that want that position but don’t have the right to it. Really, I think you all would have enjoyed the rant. I think that Southern people have such a good way of putting things without swearing. Like, I was madder’n a…hornet…in a…um…ok I stink at this. Mama bear was pissed. How’s that?

Oh, and the blood boiling thing? I hadn’t been feeling well yesterday and when I came inside from talking to Amanda I felt really hot. So I took my temperature. It was 101. I thought “wow, I don’t feel *that* bad”. And I wasn’t that sick.  It’s amazing how much emotions affect you physically.

I was going to write about some other things, like Chloe’s glasses, but I think that’s all for today. Maybe tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Apparently…

  1. I was so going to write what Christy did. Ah…now I have to write something else.

    Wish I could have been there.

    I love that your rant made her feel better. Brings back good memories of assurance and trust in my parents. It’s so good to have that. I’m so glad for her…that she has you.

    You GO, mama bear!

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