There’s stuff I still need to write about but am seriously lacking the motivation. You see, life stuff has crept up again and it makes my brain tired. Thankfully it’s not life stuff that pertains to me but pertains to people I love. I gave the “you need to finish this” lecture to 3 people in my family. It was 3 different situations that all require finishing. Chloe has to finish 3rd grade no matter how much she sobs. And we had a bit of a sobbing breakdown last night. I ended up making her laugh in the end but I hope she got the point. Amanda and Janae came over last night and we talked. Well, mostly I talked. And I think we’re all on the same page. They’re just two people who are adjusting to living with each other. They recognize that now. I’m just glad that we could be there for them.

But you guys want to know about the marriage conference, right? Oh, and I should add somewhere that I don’t have cancer. Yippee! I actually go the letter when we got back into town. It was a huge weight off…so much so that I forgot about it after that. So, I’m fine. Anyway, the marriage conference. It was fine. I don’t like conferences in general. I don’t like sitting for that long and if I do sit for a long time it needs to be very compelling. Unfortunately, in the two weeks leading up to the conference Travis and I rarely saw each other. He was working late and working on projects, trying to get things tied up so that he could be away for a week. So when we actually got to the conference I felt like it was just one more thing keeping us apart. That’s not the conferences fault. I know we came away with things though because we’ve started communicating differently. I even used some of what we learned in the conference in our talk with Amanda and Janae last night. It just wasn’t the *wow* thing that I was hoping for. On the other hand, there was a couple there and the husband works with Travis. When they saw each other at work the next week, the husband was incredibly excited about the conference. He had a whole list of people to invite and thought the whole thing was completely awesome. So for that couple it was awesome. Personally, I’m looking for something a little more hard-hitting and real. Because, well, that’s my life. That’s my personality. Maybe we’ll try another marriage conference at some point but I think next time we’ll drop the kids off at the grandparents and we’ll head to the beach.

Since we’ve been back, Amanda’s world has fallen apart and been put back together and my grandpa isn’t doing well. I have one living grandpa and a living step-grandma. I haven’t seen my grandpa since Amanda was 4 or 5. It isn’t that I didn’t want to see him, it’s just that I used to go with my parents. Then I grew up and got married and Arkansas is far away. I’ve wanted to go back, see my grandpa and see some parts of Arkansas that are beautiful. I do hope that I get to see him before he passes. He’s never seen my youngest two kids or met Travis. Life just keeps coming. I’m not discouraged, really. I think I’m just tired and am lacking any kind of writing mojo.

On the upside, we did a lot of lawn work this weekend. I mowed and Travis did the trimming. We found some things in the yard that we didn’t know were there. Like an old tree stump and a buried badminton racket. We have some bush/tree things that are determined to take over the back yard. We cleared out one side but we have to do the other half. It’s a really big undertaking and unfortunately when you clear out the brush you see that the woods behind our house have been a dumping ground for past residents and probably neighbors. There’s a rusty old grill and rusty cans and all matter of icky-ness. I’d like to put up a fence eventually but we’ll see. There are way too many other projects to be done first. Like tearing out the wall between the kitchen and living room. Don’t worry. I’m being smart about it. I won’t actually tear into the wall, no matter how much I want to, unless we’re able to finish it. Or hire somebody to finish it.

And speaking of yard stuff…I bought trees! I’m really so excited! I bought a bing cherry tree, a sycamore tree for shading the front of the house, a sugar maple because if we end up being here long enough Travis wants to tap it (really), two blueberry bushes, a raspberry bush and I got two red crape myrtles for free. So the whole order including shipping was $55. I bought it from a nursery in Mcminnville, which I could drive to but I think shipping was $7 so it’s totally worth it to let them do the work.

I’ve also started embroidering…yay! I couldn’t find the towels I wanted so I had to settle. I hate settling. Target had some flour sack towels but the weave was too big. Macy’s has some too and the weave is much better but they’re huge. It would be silly to have a little bit of embroidery on a huge towel. I hope I’m happy with the way they turn out. You all know how it is. You get something in your head and if it turns out to be too impractical and you have to settle then you’re not happy with it.

And I think that’s all the rambling I can muster for today. Ciao!


5 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Well, I appreciate the ramble. Sometimes that’s the best way to catch up with people when life is so intense that it gets in the way. May you and yours have the strength you need to finish all of these crazy things πŸ™‚

  2. I’m with you on the “hard hitting” preference, even if I do generally like conferences. πŸ™‚

    You have lots of good things to “ramble” about and you do it so well. I should do some rambling myself…my blog has been rather dull lately. Not a true reflection of what life is doing to me.

    Can’t wait to see what happens with the trees. My grandfather used to tap Maple trees. Long before I was around though.

    I am sorry about your grandpa. I know what you mean about your appreciation for him, but lack of time and ability to make a visit. And I hope God will make a way for you to go see him.

      • Ooh, and I found out today that you can tap any maple tree. It’s just that the sugar maples are the best for it. If you have maple trees behind your house you should tap them for funsies.

  3. Why did I never think of that before? How cool would that be? I can see Kris’ reaction…even though he hasn’t read this…he’s looking at me sideways right now.

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