The Weekend

A grave in Fieldstone Farms

A grave in Fieldstone Farms

The Buttons had a truly great weekend. We started off on Thursday actually, stopping by Lowe’s to buy some plants. I didn’t go crazy but managed to get some Roma tomatoes, some sort of large tomato for Trav, and two strawberry plants. Have I mentioned that the strawberries here taste like nothing? The first few

cartons I bought were good but since then they’ve been awful. There was one night that we all ate about 3 pounds of strawberries dipped in chocolate for dinner. I stopped eating before I got sick but let’s just say that not all of us did (ahem, Travis). Anyway, I love strawberries. They’ve always been my favorite but the ones from Florida are awful. You know I’ve got nothing against Florida. But the California berries are much better when we get them. Actually, one of the things we noticed when we moved here was how awful all

See, right in the middle of the houses.
Right in the middle of the houses. They’re all over Franklin.

the produce was in general. In Lakeland, we got produce that was grown about 30 minutes from where we lived and that’s just not the case here. So my goal is to eventually have a decent garden that supplies a lot of what we eat for the summer. That won’t happen this summer but I can be patient. I look at this as learning time. I’ll sow basil very soon. I’ve finally learned a few things to make with it so I should probably grow another herb or two to learn new dishes with this summer. Any suggestions?

Friday was just a bummer. I had an appointment to talk with someone in administration at the Academy and found out that there won’t be a music position open. I was bummed. I found out about some other opportunities and said I’d be interested in teaching Science or History. And then I decided that I should have my head examined. My personality always makes me want to push ahead and accomplish something. The place I’m at in life though dictates that I chill out. I prayed about it and really felt like I’d be setting myself up for failure. I talked to my mentor about it and she agreed. She’s taught at the Academy for the past two years and knows exactly what it’s like. She talked of the sacrifice that her husband and kids have made for her to be able to teach and I know that none of us can make that kind of sacrifice right now. I need to get the girls and I firmly rooted in home school and honestly, I hope that one day I don’t have to work at all to keep them in the Academy. I’d like to have two days to myself while they’re in school to do whatever. There is an assistant position that would not require any preparation and would take care of a lot of their tuition. And I’d still be able to have reading time sitting on big, comfy pillows.

$8 butterfly chair.

Saturday was garage sale day. There were 4 subdivisions within a ten minute drive that were having neighborhood garage sales. I was hoping to find some sort of tools to use for gardening. I have to say that although our intentions were good and we did try to hurry, we still didn’t get out of the house until 11 o’clock. Not good timing for garage sales. We went to one subdivision and it’s so big that people came from all over and it was really crowded. We didn’t buy anything there but someone gave Chloe and Halle a stuffed animal each. That’s the only way any stuffed animals were coming home with us. I don’t care if they cost a penny, I’m not buying anything I don’t need. We quickly decided that the first sale was too picked over and headed back toward our house. We went to a sale that we’ve had good luck with before and we weren’t disappointed. We are pretty picky, sometimes too much so. I found a Pottery Barn activity table that the owner said they were “hoping to get $50 bucks for”. Which means I could have probably gotten it for $40. I still feel a little nauseous for skipping that. I could have sold it on Craig’s List for a lot more than that. Blech. I did find a butterfly chair for $8. I’d seen this same chair at a store for about $120 and I’d always wanted to get one for Amanda’s room. I quickly snagged it for the playroom. And then the owner tossed in a Polly Pocket toy for Halle. She got quite a few free things that day. We got a beautiful butterfly night light and string of butterfly lights for free, but being the savvy garage sale shopper I am, I gave the owner a dollar. I felt bad about just taking their stuff. And I got a beautiful, but slightly stained, vintage-looking table cloth for a buck. It doesn’t have a tag and it smells like old lady so I really don’t know how old it is. But it’s pretty. Besides, I don’t have to worry about staining it now. There were lots of other fantastic things but if I can’t think of a place or use for it, we don’t buy it. I think we spent about $15 dollars total. Including a hand made purse for Chloe that used to be a T-shirt. She said she “feels like a teenager now”.

$1 vintage table cloth

Sunday was family day, again. Travis was up until about 4:30 am with his pager from work and was in no shape to go anywhere early. I decided that I haven’t seen him enough to be away from him so we all stayed home from church. I made a pot roast with the fixins for lunch/dinner and Amanda came over and took her sisters out for coffee…only I instructed her to not give them coffee. Halle would drink it and asked for her own coffee but mommy said no. With the girls out Travis and I had time for a little date. We went to dtf too since it’s close and beautiful. We walked and talked and I took some pictures. We took a different walking route and I got a good glimpse of O’More for the first time. The weather was perfect and I saw some homes I hadn’t seen before. Some of them were creepy. I didn’t take pictures of the creepy ones so you’ll just have to take my word for it that there are some creepy historic homes in Franklin.

Amanda must have gotten tired of watching her sisters so she brought them to us and we met a guy she has some interest in. We don’t know him at all but he has very nice teeth. And, well, that’s important. Then we headed home to prepare for the week.

Carpet of flowers.

And I just got my “tree” shipment. I shouldn’t have been fooled by a decent looking web page. And I should have checked the BBB before placing an order. Thankfully I didn’t lose that much. I’m crossing my fingers that something will grow but I don’t really count sticks pulled out of the ground as a tree. From the reviews though it looks like contacting them will be a waste of time. Live and learn. I just stuck everything I could into a bunch of dirt and we’ll see if anything grows. A beautiful home I'd never seen before.


5 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. I want to see pictures of the creepy houses. You got me all curious.

    Glad you had a productive garage sale day despite leaving at 11. Way to go! I think the table cloth is my favorite find. Very pretty.

    Sounds like a good day.

  2. I am SOOOO glad you had your head examined! 🙂 I had worry for you that, while you’d be chasing something you found interesting, teaching would sap you of the joy and energy you really want to be directing at your own little learners! Thank God He instructed you in the way you should go. You’re very wise, indeed, to have prayed on that and changed course.

    That grave cul-de-sac is the same one Tim and Angie lived in, I believe. Odd and cool all at once.

    • It is where Tim and Angie used to live. The big sale was in Fieldstone Farms.

      I called Dayla this morning but haven’t talked to her yet. The decision is firmly made though that I won’t teach this year.

  3. I love your garage sale finds! Nothing like a successful day of bargain shopping 🙂
    I’m with Mary – I’m dying to see the creepy houses!

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