Miss Halle

I have things to post about and not the time to do it. Or when I do have the time, I’d rather be doing something else.  This morning however, dishes and clothes waiting to be folded are stacked to the ceiling, so guess what I’d rather be doing now?

The weekend was fantastic, except for a mishap in which I lost Halle for a little bit. Cue sick feeling in my stomach. I was at Tisra’s house because she’d watched Halle for me while I had a meeting at the Academy (more on that later). She and I had just been talking about kids and how challenging it is to raise the ones that aren’t like us. She has two and I have one with their dad’s personalities. Halle had been playing outside with Lael and with two little girls from the neighborhood. The neighborhood girls are very sweet but mischevous. Lael had to come inside for a bit so I went outside and told Halle to not go into the road while Lael was inside. I’d been at a party at the Fadely house once that these two little girls showed up at and their dad came a little while later looking for them. They’d been put down for a nap but sneaked out. They were maybe 3 or 4 years old at the time. I wanted to make sure that Halle didn’t get into any trouble.

At the point that Lael went back outside she couldn’t find Halle. So I got my shoes and asked her to come with me to find her figuring that she’d know all the places she might be. Grant quickly said “I’ll help”, put on his shoes and jumped on his bike. In about 30 seconds he’d ridden his bike about 5 houses down and did a sweep of the back yards and commons area. No Halle. So he quickly rode his bike to the back of the commons area where the woods are. I’ve been in the woods and it makes for a very nice, adventurous time as a family. There are spots where you can walk up the rocks and when you get to the end there’s a 10 foot cliff. There are some spots marked off with “danger” signs or something like that, I’ve only been once. Suffice it to say that my mom brain was in a tizz. I like to think that I make decisions easily but the space was so big I didn’t know what to do. Grant raced back into the woods and I fully expected this brave (and tall) nine year old to come out of the woods holding my daughter. I walked back towards their house, ready to call the police and decided to shout Halle’s name again and heard “I’m over here”. More beautiful words have never been spoken. We yelled to Grant that we’d found her. And I picked her up and squeezed her very hard and thanked her for not disobeying, which is what I thought. No, she’d been playing inside by herself all along. But nobody had seen her come inside. I was shaken for sure and then she told me that she had gone into the woods earlier with Lael. I hadn’t ever actually told her to not go into the woods. I just figured a kid that’s scared of most strangers and school and church wouldn’t think of going into big woods like that. Now I know. And now I want to bake something and take to Grant for being so quick to help. I imagine him doing some sort of hero work when he grows up.

I think I’ll save the rest of the weekend for a little later.


2 thoughts on “Miss Halle

  1. Oh, how well I know that feeling. Yuck. It takes a while to get over it too. At least it does for me. The what if scenarios keep attacking the brain.

    I’m glad she is found and yes, Grant definitely deserves some brownies or something. Encourage that sort of behavior in a young knight and he’ll keep rescuing damsels in distress. 🙂

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