I think after over five years of blogging my brain no longer wants to title things. So I guess I’ll group my ramblings into either Stuff or Ramblings depending on the day. Unless I change my mind.

Yesterday was nice. I told you all of the tree debacle and I’m happy to say that while I ordered one raspberry bush, they apparently dug up a scoop of raspberry and I have about 20 tiny little plants that seem to be doing well. Except the one I overlooked and stepped on. That one is in the windowsill in a jar of water but I don’t think it will pull through. But that’s ok since I don’t actually need 20 raspberry bushes. I think the “tree” that they sent labeled as a sugar maple is actually a rose bush. It has thorns and looks like a rose bush, which is why I think it’s a rose bush. I’d love to be wrong about that. Travis calls the sycamore a stick-a-more. They sent two bundled as one and I stuck them in the ground. Who knows what that will be. For a little while I thought the raspberries could be lima beans but the leaves look like raspberry leaves so we’ll see. I may be giving away some raspberry bushes at some point. Technically 20 raspberry bushes are worth the amount I spent so I’m surprisingly not peeved about the whole thing. I actually am slightly amused and think it’s a great story.

In having to pot a bunch of things though, I ran out of pots. I was planning on using the ones I had for the tomatoes and basil. So I had to take a trip to Big Lots since they have the best prices on pots. That trip was successful and I needed to make 3 more stops, to Lowe’s for soil, to Joann’s for a fabric marker, and Publix for groceries. But I was in Cool Springs and it was already 4 o’clock and I saw…Wal-Mart. Gulp. I hate Wal-Mart with a mighty purple passion. I used to shop there when we lived in Hendersonville but when we moved here I hated this one. It was crowded, crazy crowded. The aisles were crowded, the people were grumpy and I always had to wait forever to be checked out. But I thought, “I could consolidate all my trips and maybe save some money”. So I got into the turn lane and at the last second swerved out. “I hate that place”, I thought. Then the thought of three more stops and making dinner came to me again. So I got into another turn lane and turned in. Then I strongly considered making a U-turn and heading to Lowe’s next door. But the parking lot didn’t seem all that crowded and I found a good parking spot, so I stayed. I still expected to be miserable but I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t crowded, the isles didn’t have a bunch of junk in them and I didn’t have to wait at all to be checked out. And I did save a little money on most everything. I didn’t find the marking pen I wanted since they don’t have embroidery supplies anymore. I also didn’t read the packaging on the organic soil I bought and when I got home I found out it’s not for potted plants. I’m actually supposed to work it through the soil…in the ground. I’ve only planted sunflowers in the ground, well and pumpkins, but I’ve never worked soil. I guess that’s up next. OR I have to go back to Wal-Mart to exchange soil. Working soil doesn’t sound so bad.

I had a talk with Trav yesterday while he was at work. He often calls me on his lunch break. We figured out that we’re pretty perfect for each other. No, we haven’t always known that and I have the battle scars to prove it. We all do, don’t we? Anyway, I talked for a while about how thankful I am for everything we’ve been through in the last ten years. I’m a changed person in so many ways and one of the biggest ways is how I see things and the things that I enjoy. I think that struggling so much has really put things into perspective for me. I grew up with a dad that does everything big. As a result, we went to Disney World a lot. I met people in Florida that had never been to Disney and I thought it was the most incredible thing ever. I think that I thought they had awful parents. The guy I’m thinking of really did have awful parents but that’s another story. If you grow up in central Florida, it’s really easy to be completely captivated by the artificial. It’s a way of life. The attractions are meant to appeal to tourists but it appeals to locals too. There was no way for me to think that there was any other way to live since I hadn’t lived any other way. When I look back though, my fondest memories of growing up were spent snorkeling in the ocean or running through the woods by my house. My fondest memories now are of time spent with my husband and kids doing simple things. A slip-n-slide, making bubbles, going to garage sales, planting things and watching them grow. My whole point is that life can be so much less complicated. I’m thankful for the way I grew up and for the things I experienced. I just didn’t realize that most kids didn’t have their birthday parties at the Kapok Tree. Some people considered me to be a rich kid because we did so many things. I wasn’t a rich kid, I promise. My dad had grown up in Kansas, so Florida was pretty much heaven to him. And it cost about $10 to get into Disney then. He thought that kids are only small once and you should do as much as you can. I get it. I just know that our kids don’t need that. I want to take them to Disney, but it’s running in second place to Savannah. The girls enjoy pretty much anything we do with them and I really don’t think they feel deprived. Ok, except the house. They want a bigger house. Having said all that, I’m just thankful for the changes in me. Well, I’m thankful for so.much.more. But that will do for today.


5 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. BIG SMILE. You have gained so much wisdom, even from the time I met you.

    And, I agree on the Disneyland thing- it is artificial happiness…. manufactured happiness. We still go when we we’re in California, but it isn’t an end all be all trip for us. We’ve never done a five day thing. Pop in for a day- enjoy- be done. As much as I’m not a shopper- and you know this about me- I am also not fond of places that try to trip you up into shopping and buying and I can not stand the exit-a-ride-into-a-giftshop thing that theme parks do. We do pretty well at enjoying rides and silly stuff and ignoring the grating stuff like what I mentioned. All that said, we did the Disney volunteer thing for free tickets and now just need a trip to CA or Florida for some free family fun!

    Hope you get *something* worthwhile out of the tree thing.

    And, lastly, I like the new look! Green is a great spring color!

  2. Wow, you HAVE had some of the same thoughts. 🙂

    I almost went into a long story about my childhood in that post about simple things, wouldn’t that have been funny? It would have been too long though…I can get carried away. Really carried away.

    Feel free to come get sugar maple sprouts over here anytime. I think I saw a pretty good one growing near the steps to the back porch and I thought, I should protect that little guy. I’m sure there are a bunch growing at the bottom of the hill though too. I’ll trade you for some raspberry bushes. 🙂

    • Ooh, that would be awesome. I should have just done that to begin with. I’m pretty patient when it comes to plants and I’ve thought about taking shoots off of trees and rooting them. I think you can do that but I’ll have to do some more research first. I mean, I’m not going to go scavenging through people’s yards or anything but if you’re willing to share…;)

      • Oh, and I was thinking that it would be great to hear about how you grew up. I’m pretty sure that our upbringings differed greatly 😀

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