Busy, Busy, Bee


I should have known that as soon as I said I wasn’t titling things anymore my brain would revolt. I’m nothing if not a rule-breaker. Anyway, mom is here and I’ve been keeping her (and myself) super busy so she won’t think about dad being gone so much. I have successfully worn myself out as well. Today we’ll do the dtf thing and somehow I need to finish the garden and mow before we take her back home on Friday. Dad flies back in from Macedonia on Saturday and Trav will drive mom to pick him up. Driving at night is not her specialty these days.

I didn’t want to miss posting about Amanda’s birthday though. She turned 20 on Sunday, sniff, sniff. She and Janae came over for lunch then their party was that night. The party was based on the Capulet party scene from the 1996 Romeo and Juliet and was formal attire. I didn’t dress because we didn’t find out about the dressing part until about 2 o’clock that afternoon. It was Ok though since she and Janae and a guy friend were the only ones dressed. He rented a tux which he wore with Chuck Taylor’s. Her favorite show is Chuck, well one of her faves anyway. So I guess that made it a double theme. We had a great time though and provided people for the party that the girls were afraid that no one would show up to. Chloe and Halle had a great time, mostly because my girl knows how to throw a party. We left when the cool people showed up Amanda and "Chuck" or Brian actuallyand had several glowy bracelet, necklaces with us. I need to get some of those.

Halle at the Capulet Ball

The rest of the week has been spent doing, well, a lot. All of the errands that I’d usually put off until I had one big trip are done on that day to keep boredom to a minimum. I never really realized how boring it can be here. I mean, I have plenty to do but it doesn’t really involve interacting with people. I purchased plants, soil and seeds…a lot of seeds…so we’ll see what pops up. I have Jalapeno seeds to go with my tomato plants and cilantro seeds, so that I can make salsa, mmmm. I don’t have any onions to plant though. I guess I’ll have to buy those. And now

The Belle of the masked ball

I’m off because I can’t seem to figure out how to configure these pictures and it’s time for me to work in the garden.


3 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Bee

  1. So cute! I’m sure it was a great party and I’m glad she knows how to celebrate. She’s pretty amazing.

    Hope you guys have fun with your mom there and I hope your dad is having a great trip also. Wow.

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