I’m here. It’s hard to write in the face of such devastation. We drove around Franklin last night and saw the telltale mud lines in areas of the city. A car sits on Hillsboro Ave. covered in mud to the very top of it’s roof. The historic cemetary is covered in dusty dirt and along Lewisburg Pike the river flooded. It’s strange to see the images and think, “I worked at that Target. That’s Pinkerton Park. I used to live there. That’s the train station”…all under water. No one could have seen this coming. There is no record of any flood of this magnitude on the record books, ever. Homes have been flooded that weren’t in the 100 year flood plain, so they’re on their own. One of the rivers that flooded is typically 100 feet wide but swelled to 2,900 feet wide. There’s no way to prepare for something like that. But we go on. My life is completely normal. Our house is completely unscathed as is the rest of my neighborhood. Two or three miles from my house is where Franklin saw the most damage. Travis had no trouble getting to work on Tuesday on a road that had boats going through it just a couple of days before. They didn’t lose power. A friend of ours is working day and night, bumming power from a generator from a neighboring company so that they can get their computers online and do payroll. Our family has been blessed while others have lost everything. It’s just really difficult to process it all and to think “I need to help” and not really know what to do. You can see a montage of the devastation here. We’ve volunteered to help and I’m waiting to hear back as far as what we’ll do. I’m ripping up somebody’s carpet or tearing out drywall or something. I thought about baking muffins, maybe I’ll do that too. Although that’s a lot of muffins. It doesn’t matter what I do. This is our home and we’re doing something.

If you want to do something and you don’t live here, you can text REDCROSS to90999 to make a $10 donation or locally visit for volunteer opportunities. And if you can’t do anything physically and in addition to what you can do physically, please pray. These people are tired and devastated. We have an opportunity to be Jesus to people so let’s do it.


3 thoughts on “Here…

  1. We are all so glad that you’re okay. That you were spared.
    You should be so proud of your city and how this has been handled with so little help and attention.
    And bake those muffins girl.

  2. Loving Nashville and Middle Tennessee more every day. The articles the blogs, the stories I hear around me…I’m glad to live in the Volunteer state.

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