Busy, busy weekend. We initially thought about going to Fall Creek Falls for Mother’s Day but had a “what are we thinking” sort of moment, considering all the work to do here. So I e-mailed our church to volunteer and found out that there would be plenty of opportunity “in the coming weeks”. We didn’t want to wait weeks so I e-mailed a friend from life group that had sent out an e-mail requesting help for a friend of hers from work. We were set for Saturday and I fully intended to go with Travis and take the girls with us and buy a bunch of food, etc. Friday night we met with “a guy” that is now Amanda’s boyfriend. We talked for over two hours, about Amanda and about everything else ranging from Cuban sandwiches to perogies. He’s Polish, from Buffalo, but he hates it and would never, ever move back. I asked.

Since we spent a lot of time talking, we didn’t get to spend a lot of time preparing for Saturday. And, of course, when we got home Amanda wanted to hear about everything and wanted to know if they had our blessing to date. Which we had to pray about (we gave her our blessing before she left…at midnight). And I had an e-mail in my inbox about a used curriculum sale for home schoolers that was the next morning at 9 o’clock. So we had a quick change of plans. I would take the girls to theΒ  sale and then take lunch and snacks to all the people working. I’m so glad that the plans changed. Apparently Halle had some sort of mild sickness that caused her to have a complete and total meltdown at the book sale. We haven’t had one of those in a very long time. She was hot and thirsty and was begging to go home. And this kid *never* begs to go home. Especially when I’m buying stuff for her.Β  So we left (with a bag *full* of stuff) and headed for home. And not long after that I got a call from Trav saying to go ahead and get lunch. I told him that I’d get sandwich stuff and muffins and chips and a lot of other things and he said to not do that, there was tons of snacky type things, plenty of water, ice and Gatorade, I just needed to bring lunch.

When we got to the subdivision they were working in, it was unbelievable. Some houses just had the duct work and crawl space lining out by the curb and other homes had piles 8 feet high and 20 feet wide of furniture and appliances and wood floors, cabinets and everything outside on the curb. There were cars *everywhere* from volunteers working to take things out of people’s houses. Travis said he hadn’t seen that kind of devastation since he worked to rebuild Homestead after Hurricane Andrew. He also said that after the girls and I left, somebody set up a grill on the corner and started grilling hamburgers for everybody and that moms with kids would walk by with wagons full of sack lunches and water or snacks. There was absolutely no shortage of volunteers or food that day. I was amazed at the support this neighborhood was getting and a lot of it was just from each other. One woman, whose house was fine, dropped by and said that anybody could use her bathroom anytime they needed and that she’d leave the door open. Most everybody was doing something. Which makes me think that our community is going to bounce back from this more quickly than expected and stronger than ever.

There’s still so much to do and we’ll be volunteering for a while I’m sure. This weekend though we have to tend to our own driveway. It was already in rough shape and as you can imagine, it’s a lot worse now.

Mother’s Day was wonderful. And maybe I’ll catch-up on that later, but that’s enough rambling for today.


7 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. All the stories of the flood are lined with hope. Makes me proud of our city.

    Poor Halle. 😦

    I’m interested to hear what you’ve assembled for school in the fall. I hope you’re excited, an not too intimidated!

    We passed through Buffalo on the way to Ontario/ Niagra Falls. It holds no appeal from the outside (and, it sounds, from the inside). Dreary. Industrial. Rough. That’s beside the point- I can’t wait to meet “the guy” and it’s a beautiful thing you’ve got going with your daughter. The communication and prayer that has gone into her being a woman, and now a woman in a relationship, is evident.

  2. I haven’t actually assembled anything yet. I talked to someone who’s been homeschooling forever and she said that the sale I went to wasn’t really for first timers. I picked up a few puzzles-most of them for free- and a lot of books, including books on fish and animals that are from a Christian perspective. I didn’t know enough about what I needed to buy curriculum. I didn’t want to get stuck with something that I hate or had to buy a ton of supplements for. I think I’ll be using ABeka for Halle since I already have it.

    That pretty much sums up his opinion of Buffalo. He said that you could see the falls from his house but recommended going to the Canadian side to avoid being mugged πŸ™‚ He has a sense of humor and hangs with our banter pretty well for a beginner. I’m sure you’ll really like him because we do.

  3. I love hearing how the local people are pulling together after this tragedy. Absolutely love it.
    And I can’t wait to hear all the good things to come out of your homeschooling adventures.

  4. I applaud you and Travis for helping wherever you can…(I know you aren’t looking for applause)…I love the quote on my FB wall that paraphrased says that you are never more like Jesus than when you are sacrificing for someone else…

    Re: Cuban sandwiches–I am passionate about them…and I get really angry when people claim to have “real” Cubans in their establishments and they are far from the real thing…Not important here, just an aside… πŸ™‚ I need to write… LOL

    • Cuban sandwiches…me too. Although it’s been so long since I’ve had a “real” one that I’ve almost forgotten what they taste like. Why don’t you bring us some πŸ˜€

  5. As you know I’m prodigiously proud of our people. Franklin, Bellevue, Kingston Springs, Pennington Bend, Hendersonville, Antioch, the stories are all so similar and heartwarming. My prayer is that the passion doesn’t fade as the weeks go by. People are going to need help for a long time.

    I didn’t even think about your driveway suffering. How bad is it?

    I congratulated Amanda on facebook, but I’ll say here as well. He looks pretty smitten with her. Love it!

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