Just Do It

I’ve wanted to post something all week but I haven’t felt like I could write enough for it to be interesting. So I’m just going to write.

Amanda and Brian came over Monday night for dinner. I don’t want to share too much there because it’s their story, not mine. I think it’s ok if I write about an event though. This was the first dinner with all of us together and I was so thankful for the new table. Everybody had a spot and we weren’t sitting shoulder to shoulder. The storage ottoman worked great since it’s the exact same height as a chair. This one is black though and doesn’t match the table so I might eventually get a brown one. It also makes a really great piano bench. That was two dollars very well spent.

Halle said before they came over that she just wanted it to be Amanda coming over for dinner. Halle is scared of men but likes girls or women a lot. It may be because of deep voices or that a lot of men are much taller than any Button family member, I’m not sure. Whatever the reason, I was hopeful but not optimistic that she would interact with Brian at all. She surprised us all though, when she started playing a Halle version of peek-a-boo five minutes into dinner.

Dinner was great, really. There was a lot of really loud laughing and we didn’t scare or embarrass Brian…too much. Richard stories were shared (my dad if you didn’t know) and those are always good to keep a party going. I told the one about the shotgun at Amanda’s request, oh and about our Schnauzer, Fritz.  I refrained from telling the one about the crab, turtle or catfish, since I don’t want to scare him off just yet. We had pie and much fun was had by all.

Then we played the Wii. In typical Amanda fashion her mouth wrote checks that her body couldn’t cash (Trav’s favorite saying). She’s a wee little one. They boxed (oh, so funny) and bowled and played baseball until about 11 o’clock. That’s the longest Amanda has stayed and constantly interacted with us since she moved out. It was really nice. I won’t gush but Brian is pretty cool. We like him.

We’re are in the home stretch of Travis studying to get a CCNA certification. It’s a huge book and a huge test of things that are ridiculous but keep the computer world running. He’s been studying most nights and weekends since February; when life didn’t get in the way. He’s set the test date as a week from tomorrow so the end is in sight. It’s been difficult to not be able to do things as a family and there have been some spots where I’ve sort of had a melt down. Rarely being able to spend time with him and being mostly responsible for all house things and kids has been tough. Having this certification should open doors for him though and that also opens doors for our family, so the sacrifice in the short term is worth it. Or will be worth it. After we celebrate though, he’s so not getting out of doing the dishes 🙂

Plants. It looks like everything I bought has survived. And it also looks like I have a rose bush, strawberry plants, maybe crape myrtles (I’m still trying to identify those), possibly blueberries (it’s still too hard to tell) and maybe a cherry tree. No raspberries, no sugar maple. I did dig a maple out of one of my other trees yesterday and replant it though. I can’t imagine trying to keep these things alive in pots through the winter though so I hope they’re all ready to plant in the fall.  And it seems that even though my garden bed isn’t ready yet, I still have time. All the seeds I bought can still be sown, except for the yellow tomatoes. I missed the window on that. But Travis doesn’t really like them anyway. My allergies have been bothering me a bit, although nothing like they have in the past. I should be taking Benadryl like mad this time of year, walking around in a haze. But this year they’re just slightly annoying. I’m thankful. Having said that, as long as I’m not sneezing, I’ll be working in the garden. I bought seeds for marigold, nasturnium, garlic chives, rosemary, jalapeno, cilantro and foxglove. Foxglove is poisonous though so I probably won’t plant it with edibles just in case. Oh, and I really need to get sunflowers in the ground if I’m going to have any this year. And I need to plant some lavender that my mom bought for me. I don’t like the smell of lavender in soaps or lotions or any type of cosmetic thing but I like how they smell outside. Plus deer and rabbits hate them in addition to nearly all of the things I bought to plant. I’m hoping to create a critter barrier around the edibles they do like.

Now I’m off…


7 thoughts on “Just Do It

  1. Don’t know what to say except Halle always seemed to gravitate to Grandpa (my husband)…Maybe he doesn’t count as a “man”? LOL….He is very good with children, they always love him…

    • Well, if you remember, she was hesitant until he grabbed her and threw her up in the air a few times. I’m not sure why that worked, but it did 😀

  2. Sounds like an excellent time with Brian – not scaring him off too much and all 🙂
    Congrats to Trav ..
    and it sounds to me like you have a marvelous garden planned, even without the yellow tomatoes.

  3. I’m so glad the dinner was such a success. It’s funny how we are sometimes made to feel greedy in our want of “things” but having a table that fits everyone is part of what makes the communication and fellowship work. What a great gift. I can tell it is much appreciated.

    What a triumph in the allergy department. Having dealt with the boys this spring I know that must be thrilling.

    I still have that little sugar maple I pulled up for you. It’s alive, green and cute, but doesn’t seem to be growing. I don’t know if I’m supposed to do anything else for it or not. It’s staying on the rail of the porch so it gets all the rain and sun that it would if it were still in the earth.

    Great post!

    • Ooh, I did feel guilty since I already had a table. But I hated that table so much and the chairs were coming apart in places. Did I *need* one? Well, I guess we could eat on the floor if we had to and my definition of need has changed dramatically over the years but actually, I did need a new one. It’s made a huge difference in how I feel about that room, in addition to not being miserable during dinner when we have people over. Besides, this one only cost $199. It’s solid wood and very sturdy and pretty plus I was able to offset the cost a little bit by selling the old one. So with tax and minus the $65 I got for the old table plus $2 for the ottoman, it was $155. That’s not a bad deal and I feel like smiling when I walk into the kitchen every morning. That hasn’t happened since we moved here.

      • And the sugar maple is probably just a bit shocked by being dug up. It will probably start growing again soon.

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