I’ve been mostly absent from the internet this week because everything about the Button house has been focused on Travis and taking his test today. Which he took. He was a few minutes into the test when the computer he was taking it on froze up. He had to get assistance and it took about 15 minutes to get it working again. But it’s a timed test and there is no going back or adding time or fixing it in any way apparently. They told him that if he didn’t finish or didn’t pass that he could take it again free of charge. Well, that’s nice. He felt really rushed but wasn’t able to finish and didn’t pass. Sigh. He did score really well, all things considered and I’m not disappointed in him in any way. I’m just disappointed that we still have to deal with this whole thing. We have hardly talked this week and nobody can make any noise or play music or disturb him and I was just really ready to have that over with. The place that administered the test put in some sort of ticket and is supposed to let Travis know something within the next week. I’m not really sure what they’re supposed to let him know. Oh, and on his way out they were to print out what areas he was weak in so he could better prepare for the next test and the printer jammed. And they couldn’t print another one. Overall I’m just really frustrated with the apparent lack of being able to do anything at all about malfunctions. I do realize that it’s not the end of the world, that we’ll likely have this resolved withing the next couple of weeks and he won’t be studying this forever. It’s just been a huge stressor for us and I’m looking forward to it being over.

So we’re taking a break this weekend. I’ve invited some new friends over (who coincidentally are mutual friends of Kris and Mary) and we’ll have dinner on Saturday then we’re just doing whatever for the rest of the weekend. I’m making something simple. I think we’re grilling burgers and having chips and baked beans. I’m not going to try to wow them with my culinary prowess. It’s just dinner. And blueberry crisp. Simple and yummy.

I got my hair cut. I had her take 7 or 8 inches off. It’s the same style just shorter. It’s too hot and it takes too long to dry. It will be grown out again by the fall when I’m ready for it to be long again.

And we’ll just see how this next week goes. I may be taking a break from everything computer related to really focus on what’s going on here. It’s funny that I have to cut some things out completely in order to be able to focus, but sometimes I do. Next week is Chloe’s last week of school and then we embark on a very long summer. We haven’t had that in the last two years. I’m really looking forward to it.


8 thoughts on “Focus

  1. So frustrating about the test! Soon. Over soon.

    I hear you on summer! Whew! Well go until the 11th and then try to keep doing stuff so no review is necessary. Still don’t know of I’m schooling all of them, but there is the possibility that I will be and then maybe we can plan some field trips together! You homeschooling mama, you! A great year awaits you!

    And, Im excite about your new friends. You’ve wanted to entertain in that house for ages and are finally doing it! Hooray! While I still live to cook- I’ve mostly been in a “it’s just food” mode, too. The conversation just matters more. Enjoy! A Button/Fadely gathering should be had soon.

    • That sounds good- homeschool field trips and a Button/Fadely get together. I’m really looking forward to homeschool and the girls are too. We’re doing little things now, mostly art and working with letters for Halle. I think we’re in a good spot and we’re all on board with it which helps.

  2. Who are these mutual friends you speak of?

    I couldn’t believe how relieved I was for school to be over. I have already enjoyed my two days of summer vacation.

    I cannot believe all the setbacks on the testing. What in the world? I’m pretty sure I would be livid.

    Ah…summer. Have fun!

    • Yes, it’s Shane and Mary. He looked familiar to me but I couldn’t remember where I knew him from until he told Travis. He actually remembers Travis playing young adult Scrooge at Cornerstone. Then Mary said that they had been to dinner at your house…funny.

  3. I read in my Bible study notes once that true hospitality is just making someone feel comfortable in your home…You can feed them soup and crackers–it’s your kindness and heart that count…That really freed the Martha Stewart in me to relax and focus on fellowship…You are always such a wonderful hostess, I am sure your guests will love your home and whatever you serve them…(although Key Lime pie or blueberry crisp really helps! )

  4. You need a break! Take it!
    That is all such frustrating stuff – sometimes it’s best, when it feels like you can’t catch a break, to take one anyway. Hope the start of next week finds you refreshed and ready for whatever’s next.

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