What I’m Dreaming Of….

I haven’t done a post like this in a while so I hope you enjoy taking a peek at what I’m dreaming of…

Hydrangeas in Blue….

…and pink.

A sea turtle…my favorite.

An ocean view…

And a tidy kitchen…

Sandy toes…

Blue skies and a dip in the sea.

What are you dreaming of?

All pictures are from Southern Living and Coastal Living.


7 thoughts on “What I’m Dreaming Of….

  1. Mulberry trees and tomato vines that don’t wither, cobblestone paths with moss growing in the cracks, sunset at the beach, lavender lemonade and feeling my gray alpaca laceweight yarn stringing through my fingers, knitting up into a beautiful lace shawl.
    Oh – and hoping my tiny hydrangea bushes bloom blue 😉

  2. My mama.

    And on a less sentimental note…that tidy kitchen reminds me of a neighbor of mine who recently moved into a new house outside the neighborhood but still in Mt. Juliet. She posted some pictures of her new kitchen…all black and white…here: http://www.jennibowlin.blogspot.com/ scroll down to the last post on that page to see the pictures. They are dreamy.

  3. Hmm… This should be fun! A garage where I can actually pull my van into it as intended, a date night anywhere~ Panera Bread sounds nice, snorkeling in crystal clear water, a great summer movie, sunflowers growing in the backyard (we finally planted them), and love the pictures of the kitchen too!

  4. Re: My dream-a house on the beach with new everything…and lots of space for family and friends…peace and happiness until Jesus comes…

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