Garden and Such…

I woke up this morning to Travis saying he was taking my car to work so that he could take someone to lunch. I’m sure I looked as dazed as I felt because he had sort of an “easy Simba” look on his face. I was awakened again by a telemarketer/scammer/something-or-other calling on my cell phone. I yelled at him. After I realized who I was, where I was and what my name was, I felt bad. I think I dreamed that I’d already told them to not call me since they started calling yesterday. So, I think that today was not the best of days to wake me up. On the upside, I’ve started sleeping through the night again. I hadn’t been sleeping through the night since January. It’s nice to sleep again…

We have things going on here but they aren’t really blog-worthy things. We started the summer off sick but now we’re making up for it. It’s so hot that it’s really hard to get out to the park. Today is nice so far, but we’ve had heat and humidity that I was more accustomed to in Florida. The heat index has been around 100. Bleh. I took the girls to the park on Friday, not realizing that there was a movie that night. There were fire trucks and a police motorcycle and things that the kids could sit on…and…honk…the….horns. It drove me crazy. There was the semi-truck horn, and a tractor horn and a cop siren. They were spraying something into the air that I figured was for mosquito control, just the stuff I wanted my kids breathing. But we still had a great time. Walking to the other side of the park helped escape the madness. We were drenched in sweat and there were mosquitoes. But the thing I remember most fondly is my kids rolling down a hill and Halle running across the field, pony tails bouncing, saying “isn’t this great?”. Yes, it was great. And we’ll do it again. Hopefully we’ll miss the trucks next time.

And I’m growing stuff. Just not the way I want to. My garden isn’t finished because I haven’t felt well enough to do it. Now, I’m concerned about planting the lavender I have because it’s so hot. I really don’t want to kill it. I also bought chemicals to kill the grass that’s still surrounding “the pit”. Gasp! I thought about buying the organic stuff but I didn’t and figured that I’d give myself a pass just this once. I’m concerned that I’ll also kill the sunflowers that I didn’t plant but that are growing just fine anyway. Really, once you plant them you’ll have them forever. They’re even growing in my driveway. I still have time to plant the herbs and now is a good time to get those going because they should last until fall.

My “sugar maple” is, in fact, a rosebush. And it grows white roses. Pretty ones that smell nice. And I’m actually a little proud that I was able to take a bare root plant and get it to grow. Actually, I got them all to grow quite nicely. I don’t think that any of them are what they were supposed to be but they’re growing. And that’s pretty cool. Well, one of the blueberries died after it grew. I’m not sure what happened there. And I wonder if the company that sent me all this stuff just pulls stuff out of  people’s yards and sends it out, figuring that it won’t grow anyway. I have this picture in my mind of an elderly woman wondering where her white rosebush went.

I don't know what this tree is but I know it isn't a sycamore tree which it was labeled as. And I have two of them.

Tomatoes...I think they're big boy or something like that. Travis picked them out.

The romas that I picked out because they're good for sauces.It takes absolutely forever for a tomato to ripen. I think that’s why they pick them green and gas them or whatever the modern practice is for tomatoes.

So if today isn’t completely miserable temperature-wise,  I will work and try to get this one tiny plot of garden finished. And I will hang out with the kiddos. And we’ll watch something on Netflix. And I won’t feel even the teensiest bit guilty if I don’t get everything done. Because it’s summer and we’re going to enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “Garden and Such…

  1. The heat has been unbearable here too – even more so than we’re used to. Sounds like you’re making the best of it, though 🙂 I love your garden pictures and your beautiful roses! Roses are only wonderful if they smell nice too, I think. I’m so happy yours do.

  2. I think I’m going to have to garden like you have done it, in pots. I have looked and looked at my back yard/hill and there is just no practical way to make a real, hoe in the ground garden out of it. Maybe next year. Love all the stuff you are growing and doing.

    I’m glad you are sleeping too. It is a depressing misery to be unable to sleep.

    • Well, you know, you could put some tomatoes and basil and such in your *front* beds. I’ve seen people in Franklin do that (in the fancy pants historic houses). But containers are fine too. The only problem is that they dry out quickly so there is lots of watering involved.

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