For a vacation. The CCNA has been passed and Travis and I are both feeling a bit burned out. He from working and studying nearly non-stop since February and I from watching the girls and holding down the fort nearly non-stop since February. For my part I can say that I really, truly don’t feel like doing anything. Cooking? Eh. Cleaning? Eh. Making things? Eh. Remodeling? Eh. So we’re heading to Birmingham. It’s not too far to drive and when we hang out with my parents there aren’t tons of people that we have to see and that sort of thing. We really want it to be low-key. I think we might go canoeing and Toy Story 3 is on the agenda as well as shopping for Trav’s Father’s Day gift. He wanted to wait because he really couldn’t decide what he wanted.

I forgot to buy a card for Father's Day, so I made one. And I really like it. I think it's going to be my thing from now on.

Father’s Day was nice. Amanda and Brian came over but Amanda had to work so they didn’t stay long. We rushed home from church with a quick detour to the eye glass shop because Chloe’s glasses broke soon after we got to church. It was our first Sunday teaching the K-5 class. She immediately said she had a headache and stomach ache and her teacher brought her over to be with us. She made a miraculous recovery during play time. She was a bit miffed that we are teaching Halle’s class and not hers. It was a bit of a struggle for me because it was exactly nine months ago that we were supposed to teach Halle’s class and the Friday before, everything fell apart here. It’s amazing how something like that can bring the past right up into your lap again. Sigh. I got through it fine and I actually, really enjoyed myself. The kids were completely fantastic. And some of them were really funny. I think I like kids.

He decided that he liked the card and to not be offended that I forgot to buy one 🙂

Oh, but we rushed back and Travis helped me straighten things furiously before Amanda and Brian got there. Lunch was so ridiculously simple. Pulled pork bbq sandwiches and baked beans and cherry pie. I guess that’s what happens when you volunteer for a church thing on Father’s Day. Travis says next year we’re having steak and lobster. I told him he’ll have to cook it. I love him but I’m not cleaning a lobster. Unless I decide to fast that day.

The rest of the day was spent resting and playing the Wii. Travis made up for lost time. I didn’t intend to play because I wanted him to have a chance to play whatever he wanted. When he started getting his stuff ready for work, he wanted me to play Mario Kart and see if I could unlock the different cups that hadn’t been unlocked yet. So I played. And unlocked four cups. There was shock and amazement and joy in the Button house. It’s funny how much that meant to Travis and the girls. I had no idea how big of a deal it would be. But they like games. I’m not really a gamer or anything like that and it’s actually fairly easy to win races when it’s just against the computer. I have a much harder time when I’m racing Travis and Chloe. Of course, that could also be because we need a magnifying glass to see where we’re going since our TV isn’t that big.

I'm a winner! Mii head on Luigi's body is a little discouraging.

We stayed up way too late and had so much fun, we felt like we were already on vacation. Except that we’re not and Travis had to go to work today *and* he has to work late. Tomorrow is a half day though and then we’re off. I don’t feel stressed at all which is probably a bad thing. If I felt stressed then I’d be doing the things I need to do to get us going. Soon, really.


6 thoughts on “Ready…

  1. Toy Story 3 was great. That WAS Kris’ Father’s Day gift. I’m so glad you get to relax and take a few days to do mostly nothing. Hope it’s a great trip!

  2. Rest, rest, rest. Whatever isn’t done isn’t REALLY a big deal. If you forget something, you can probably do without it. Really.

    I hope you come back refreshing, and renewed and ready for the next stage in Button life… whatever that may be!

    Also, I hardly never buy cards. Why pay $4/card when you can create something as beautiful as what you made??? Job well done.

    • You know, I always cringe when I spend that much on a card. I figure that I can make a personalized one according to what my family really loves and it will mean a lot more to them. Score.

    • When you do feel the need to buy a card, I hope you will come to Mary Mary Stationery for all your “greeting” needs. We have a wide variety of paper and fabric cards to emphasize the sentiment you wish to convey and no price is too high when one considers the impact a handmade (my hands, not yours…not that yours was bad…in fact I may hire you) card can have on those you love.

      This has been a shameless sales pitch on a high-jacked blog.

      • Bahaha! If I had more readers I’d give you a shameless plug myself. Maybe I could do one of those featured products post or something. When I get back.

        I thought about you doing cards but I didn’t figure on going into business…Travis thought about my going into business. He always does 😀

  3. I love the card! I hope you guys really enjoy your down time. I sure know what it feels like to need some!
    PS – I think your Mii and mine would be friends 🙂 Mine has short, dark hair & a smirk.

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