Guess What I’m Doing

Yep, I’m (finally) painting the cabinets. You probably notice the broken hinge. That’s because the hinges were varnished over. Yep. I stripped out the screws trying to get them out. So I had to take a pull and twist approach to get the screws out far enough that I could use pliers to get them out completely. And oh the fun I had. It took three hours just to get the doors off. The hinges are still up there.

Why am I doing this now? Well, gulp, it’s because we’re getting the house ready to sell. It’s a long-ish story but if you’ve ever been to our house, you know what a challenge it is to have enough room for people and things. We’ve pared down a lot and I don’t mind getting rid of more stuff. But Amanda’s situation was sort of the impetus for a discussion of what we’d have to sacrifice to have another adult living in our house again. It’s not a given that it’s something that will happen. And, honestly, I like my house. We’ve done a lot of work to it and it really feels more like us now.  I could throw out a thousand disclaimers but I won’t. I don’t have any time frame, the market is what it is, and my to-do list is so long that it could take until next spring before we’re even ready. So I’m just starting with the kitchen. It does bring back memories though.

Remember this?

And this is what my house looks like every.single.time I start a project. We have to walk around (read, trip over) things and everything is a wreck. See?

Until it looks like this…

It’s so much work and you know what I’ve discovered? I hate HGTV. I also don’t like putting in floors or stripping wallpaper or well, anything else home improvement related. I don’t mind painting. But everything else is not fun. I’m trying to not think about it.

I have one question though. Painting cabinets a color other than white seems to be really “in” right now. Obviously I want to appeal to the most people and regular people might not know that it’s “in”. So do I paint them white or go another route. I have a paint swatch from Restoration Hardware in silver sage (you have to hover your cursor over the actual silver sage to see it) with the walls in the kitchen the same color as the living room (sandstone cove from Behr)? I have to do some wall patching anyway and lighter colors make things look bigger so I’ll probably paint the walls no matter what. I’ll admit to being slightly neurotic in this area and it’s possible that I might go overboard. But all of the interior doors really do need to be replaced…finishing the cabinets first.


4 thoughts on “Guess What I’m Doing

  1. whoa. Painting cabinets is a lot of work! I am no good on opinions here. Neutrals are good for selling. That’s about all I know!

  2. I wanna hear more! You’ll enjoy the result of your hard work, no matter how long you’re there. But, seriously, you must expand upon this. Maybe I can come help and we can chat. Of course, I’d be bringing the crew with me, but maybe they’d just play with each other or watch a movie?

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