Feeling Chatty

I’m feeling chatty today. In fact, I sat on the couch drinking coffee and thought about everything I was going to write. Then I made another cup of coffee and breakfast for Halle and I don’t remember any of it.

I do remember that I hurt my back. Being in constant pain elevates my blood sugar which elevates my insulin which messes with my hormones which gives me a raging headache and makes me feel terribly emotional and tired. So let’s talk religion and politics today. Kidding. It is nice to know how all of that stuff works so I don’t just sit around thinking I’m crazy. It would be even nicer if it would all come into alignment and work properly. One day it will. And I started taking Aleve last night. I’m much better today. I may even be able to work on the cabinets again tomorrow.

I’ve painted a side of one cabinet in the silver sage I showed you and I really liked it. I say liked because after living with it for about 4 days, I’ve decided that I can’t live with it. It’s funny what you learn about yourself in doing home projects. I think that I’m pretty easy going. I appreciate all sorts of things in other people’s homes. But when it comes to my home, I’m incredibly picky. Silver sage looks gray in the daytime and green at night. I decided that if I had to look at gray for our whole gray winter, I’d likely kill myself. Or, you know, just repaint them. I like gray. I have had some gray clothing items. But I just can’t look at it every day. If it was up to me to re-do our kitchen because we were going to live here for a really long time I would use Benjamin Moore’s Old Pickup Blue on the cabinets or at least the island. I’d love to show it to you since I saw it in Coastal Living. It was in March’s issue though and try as I might, I just can’t find it. So I’ll probably just go with white. It’s safe and doesn’t require too much thought. And I really just want to get it finished…

So that we can home school. We haven’t even started schooling yet but I already see a big difference in Chloe. She’s less stressed. She seems happier overall and she and I have gotten closer. Balanced calendar school is great because of the breaks we got in the fall and spring but her school still had possession of her for more of her waking hours than I did during the week. We’re playing a lot of Mario Kart. And I’m hearing her say things like, “I am *so* a momma’s girl”. Well, and things like “crush him!” “kill him!” “Yoshi, you did not just pass me!”. So, I try to watch what I say. “Eat my road grit liver lips ” may have slipped out a few times. The kids don’t see the humor in that but I get a kick out of it. Mario Kart won’t be part of our curriculum but I think I may have narrowed it down to a couple of different programs. I’m looking at My Father’s World and Winter Promise. I really like aspects of both of them. And I seem to like My Father’s World for Halle and Winter Promise for Chloe. I’m not sure how awful it would be to do two different programs. My caveat with Winter Promise for Halle is that I don’t want to have to find refrigerator boxes and such for lots of building things (imaginative play) and it says that it will take a half day as written. That’s a really long time for kindergarten. For the older kids there are recipes to make that go along with history and geography and as wonderful as that sounds, I already feel stressed. I can imagine myself running all over town and looking online to find exotic ingredients for food my kids won’t eat. Really, looking at WP makes me think it’s the perfect curriculum. But being realistic, I have to wonder if I want my whole entire day to revolve around school. Or if I can do that. I’ve also read that their customer service stinks. My caveat with MFW is that it’s based on a 6 day school week and that world history is in a 5 year loop, starting with geography. I wanted a 4 year loop because Chloe will be in 4th grade and we could do it twice. I feel a colossal weight in finding the right curriculum because I don’t want to ruin my kids education.

I’d love to chat more, really. But my parents are on the way here to pick Amanda up to go to Florida. And I need to sweep and do the dishes and hide the unfolded clothes somewhere. Because, well, I hurt my back and I’m a bit behind. Ok, truthfully, I felt like playing Mario Kart last night instead of doing the dishes or folding the clothes. I had fun. And Chloe and Halle had fun. And well, I’m totally ok with that.


3 thoughts on “Feeling Chatty

  1. Ah there is nothing better than being able to quote Clark Griswold in the appropriate situation. Well…maybe there are a few things that are better…but it’s right up there.

    I’m still undecided on curriculum for Ivan, but I don’t feel a lot of pressure because he’s still in pre-school.

    Can you return your paint for the cabinets or did you just get a sample so you could try it out? White is safe. You won’t be there forever. I hate backing down from color, but I do it all the time.

    • I came oh-so-close to buying a gallon but on the way to Home Depot I decided to buy a sample. I’m so glad I did.

      And glad I didn’t quote the eggnog rant 😀

  2. Mario Kart is good. I probably would include it in my curriculum.
    And I tend to yell out, “I’m comin’ ta gitchoo sucka!” at my kids when we’re racing.
    Just sayin.

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