Thanks to Herban Lifestyle, I was able to identify the “Bing Cherry tree” on my patio. It was growing but not like a tree. It looked like a berry bush. And after a hour or so looking at all sorts of berry bushes on the internet, I stumbled upon this blog post. It looks like my mystery bush, although I’ve gotten no berries this summer. Of course, I received it as a bare root “tree” so it could possibly produce berries next year. Identifying it does reinforce my theory that the company that sent it to me just snatches plants from various places and sends them to people. I’m not sure if I’ll keep it or not. It’s very thorny and kind of invasive and we’re getting the house ready to sell and, eh. I’m also considering getting rid of the trees since I don’t know what kind they are. I just don’t feel like dealing with extra things right now. I would love some basil though.

One of the most amazing things that I’ve had to eat in recent memory was at Life Group on Sunday. Someone brought a type of zucchini salad. It was zucchini, cut into noodle-like strips, blanched, tossed with pesto and served cold. I never thought I could like zucchini so much. I eat it because it’s a vegetable that I don’t consider vile but this recipe was divine. In order to make it, I need basil. Herbs are really the easiest things in the world to grow. Soil, water, sun and they’ll take over everything. Which is one reason I grow them in pots. In these here parts, July is a great time to re-sow for a late summer harvest.

My oldest two kiddos are in Florida right now. Amanda was planning on going and when my parents got here to pick her up, Chloe did her best pouty impersonation and scored an invite as well. Yes, I should have scolded her, but I didn’t. And I’m ok with that. I thought about the trip and how much fun she would have and how wonderful it would be for her to see her relatives and what a blessing it would be for lots of people. Yes, I think my kids are a blessing to have around. After she left though, I realized that I felt incredibly relaxed. I felt like I was on vacation. It’s not that Chloe is a tough kid to raise but I think any time you decrease your responsibilities it increases relaxation. For me at least. I’m not worried because my parents watch kids like hawks. They’re way more strict about having the kids hold their hands and staying right with them than I am. They slightly freak out if they think for a second that they might not know where a kid is. And while I don’t want them to stress themselves out, it let’s me know that my kid is safe with them. So, I’m taking the opportunity to relax. I’m still working on the cabinets but it’s less stressful because Halle can play by herself with no problem. We don’t get to go to Busch Gardens but we are having some really fun Halle and mommy time.

I was going to show you pictures of the fawn and doe that have decimated my tomato crop. Unfortunately, I let Chloe use my camera and now I can’t find it. I should have kept closer tabs on that situation.


9 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Mystery solved eh? Cherry’s are so good, but I can understand not wanting to continue babysitting all of those plants right now.

    Can’t wait to see the painted cabinets. That will truly transform the place won’t it?

    Chloe didn’t take your camera to FL did she? Owen asks to take my camera everywhere. I’m trying to be nice and let him use it now and then, but out of the house is a big no-no so far.

  2. I’m an idiot. I thought you were saying the plant you couldn’t identify was a cherry tree. I realize now…it was falsely identified as a bing cherry tree and you discovered it to be a berry bush. I have no excuses…I’m not tired, I had my coffee twice today and I only have two kids this afternoon and one of them is still sleeping. I only ask you forgive my lazy reading. 🙂

  3. Halle can play alone well????!!! Why didn’t I ever notice this before?! ;-P So great for you while you’re working on a project.

    Re: basil. I highly recommend buying the hydroponic “live basil” at Whole Foods. It is the same price as those tiny wilty packs elsewhere (~$2.50) and you *could* replant it, I suppose. Instead, I let mine sit on the counter in a glass of water and it grows and produces for a good month or two, then I toss it out. Now THAT is the lazy gardener method!!! 🙂

    • I don’t think it’s lazy gardening, I think it’s smart gardening. Basil is only good for a couple of months anyway. After that, the leaves get tough and it gets flowers and goes to seed. It’s worthless at that point.

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