Cottagey Delicious

Yes, cottagey is a word. I’m back from my little hiatus and wanted to show you the progress I’ve made on the cabinets. I won’t say that the hiatus was completely cabinet related but was more a need to focus. I get distracted easily. I’ve been much too focused on where we go from here, rent vs. buy, staying in Franklin or moving to the less expensive Spring Hill area, blah-de-blah. It was keeping me up at night. It’s human nature to wonder all of those things and it’s good to have a plan or at least have thoughts about where to go but when I get obsessed about it, it’s just bad. Besides, we still live here.

You want pictures though, right? It’s much easier for me to show pictures of work we’ve already finished. And this is the one end of the kitchen that was nice and tidy and pretty….

But this was the nightmare at the other end….

I would like to apologize to my hubby right now for this picture. I didn’t actually take it, Chloe did. It’s funny when my kids get their hands on my camera. But, see, I was so hell-bent on doing the cabinets that I didn’t take the time to take a picture. So I had to use this picture. I may be hearing about this later.

When I primed the cabinets (inside and out) I actually ended up running out of primer. The cabinet under the sink hasn’t been touched on the inside. Truthfully, that cabinet freaks me out. We have mice that we’ve been unable to catch and are having a grand old time eating the peanut butter off the traps. Well, I’m pretty certain that they live behind the dishwasher. I’m not sticking half my body inside a mousey cabinet. If I saw one it would most certainly lead to a concussion in my haste to get out of the cabinet. And while I was labeled “crazy” for painting the inside of the cabinets, I did it anyway. Why? Because they were totally grody. The outside of the cabinets was the only part that was finished. The inside of the doors weren’t finished and were stained from 30 years of use. The bottom of the cabinets are particle board and the backs are some sort of weird wood-type substance that is you could tear. I know this because one of the backings of the top cabinets has a curved tear in it. Since it took an entire gallon of primer to prime the cabinets , I was concerned that I might not have enough paint. When I woke up Wednesday morning I had inspiration…I should paint the inside of the cabinets yellow. Or should I? I should…maybe not…um, hmmm. Yes. Yes, I would. It’s an opportunity to be daring, I already have the paint and surely my house wouldn’t be passed over for having yellow on the inside of the cabinets. I can think of a hundred other reasons for the house to be passed over but that’s not one of them. See?

Cute, huh?

I can’t tell you how much I was tempted to swear while painting the inside of that bottom cabinet. But it was so much nicer putting my dishes back. It felt clean. And that is something I haven’t been able to say in the nearly four years that we’ve lived here. Once the mice are gone I will likely paint that other bottom cabinet. I don’t think I can leave it undone. And I’m sure that when I’m finished I won’t be nearly as creeped out by it. I need to borrow a cat.

The only regret that I have about the whole project is that I didn’t do it as soon as we moved in the house. Really. And if we found a house that was completely fantastic except I didn’t like the cabinets, I’d do it again. I won’t say I’m anxious to do it but it makes such a difference I wouldn’t hesitate. Sure I felt like throwing a brick through a window at times but I survived. I have one coat left for the doors and then we’ll likely hang them this weekend and I’m done. Until we replace the counters….


6 thoughts on “Cottagey Delicious

  1. Cute indeed! I love it. And I totally feel the same way about under-sink cabinets, whether there are Possible Mice or not.

  2. I said it on the phone, but they’re great! The yellow is perfect and even makes the blue walls more fantastic. I knew you wouldn’t regret the work that went into them!

  3. Totally inspired idea. What a treat now when you open those cabinet doors! I primed and painted the inside of my cabinets at our first house for the same reason. They just seemed dirty until I did it. Wish I had used yellow though!!!!! 🙂

  4. Love love love the cabinets! One of my favorite color combinations~ reminds me a little of the bathroom in our first home:) Definitely should be a draw when you sell!

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