Picture Post

I’m busy. I know, aren’t we all? And sometimes the difference between posting and not posting can be as simple as having to upload pics from my camera. I’m getting the house in order since Amanda and Brian are coming over for dinner so I’ll hit the highlights in pictures.

Fall Creek Falls:

There were falls…

And deer. I said “hi” and waved frantically to this one. Travis, the deer and I all decided that I was a dork.

There were scenic overlooks…and Halle bumped her head. Which made her grumpy for the rest of the trip.

And a swimming hole where I slipped and totally busted my behind. It would have been funny if I hadn’t taken Halle down with me.

There were more falls…

And more deer…

And a sweet little girl…that walked backwards off a porch and fell about 3 feet onto her bottom. Thankfully she inherited my backside which cushioned her fall.

And always be careful when cutting sunflowers to bring inside. You might bring more of the outdoors in than you anticipated.

And the cabinet doors are up…finally!

I didn’t rearrange the things on the counters because, well, that would have required more thought and time and I really just needed to mop the kitchen. So here you go. It almost always looks like this. Sometimes it’s messier. I need to get some pulls for the drawers and the jury is still out on the cabinets. The doors under the sink still won’t close and that has to do with former owners having a good ol’ time with a reciprocating saw when they installed the dishwasher. Now I must go settle an argument between the kiddos.


3 thoughts on “Picture Post

  1. Kitchen’s looking great!
    That deer is totally calling you a dork in its head. I can tell.
    Because I talk and wave to deer too and they do the same thing to me.

  2. I was hoping you still had fun at the falls. I remember the picture of rain on the way out there. Yikes. So glad it was a good trip for you.

    The kitchen looks so good. You did a great job and I’m sure that the knobs will just seal the deal. There are so many places to get knobs and handles now too. Target even carries them. When I was faucet shopping I went to Ferguson’s over by 100 Oaks and they have an incredible selection of knobs and handles. They are usually the high priced option but it’s fun to look if you have the time. I even found some that are very similar to the old 1959 knobs on our credenza. LOVE IT

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