Hello Autumn

I like to enjoy the seasons as they come. Mostly because I want to appreciate the moment and not be constantly looking forward. I have determined though that my my most favorite season gets the shaft. See, it won’t officially be autumn until September 22 at 11:09 PM. Yeah, I looked it up. And while autumn doesn’t end until December 21st, everybody knows that autumn ends after Thanksgiving. That’s about a month that I don’t get to celebrate autumn. So I have decided that now and forever more I will celebrate autumn starting September 1st. Provided that I don’t forget to put my autumn wreath on the door today. And that’s all I have to say about that.

I ordered home-school supplies today and I’m so excited! A longer summer is great but the Button girls need to do more than just play Mario Kart and watch Netflix. We need a schedule. So far, Chloe being in school helped to map out my day. I’d wake up at 7 am, wake Chloe up, she’d cry because she was tired, I’d give her a Pop Tart and we’d run out the door by 7:15 or the later it was in the school year, 7:20-ish. I’m finding though that my kid needs a schedule. She thrives on lists and charts. She is so like her dad. I prefer to keep my lists in my head and randomly toss things aside that don’t coincide with my mood. I predict a lot of changes for me this year. My free-spirited self is going to have to do the same thing every day because if I don’t then we won’t finish school and that, my friends, is my biggest nightmare right now. Well, that and being behind in math. My free-spirited self is also ridiculously goal-oriented. I’m sure the point of this thing is for my goal-oriented self to win out. My goal-oriented self is so dull though. Blech. I never really realized how goal-oriented I was until college. At the very beginning I decided that I wasn’t getting married until after I graduated. And I have to tell you that (insert someone rich and famous here) could have proposed and I would have said “sure, right after I graduate”. Really. I hope that comes in handy this year.

I’m excited about the program(s) I chose. My Father’s World for the basics, Sonlight for Chloe’s math and ABeka for spelling. Why ABeka for spelling? Because My Father’s World’s spelling book was $65 and would last up through high school. The last time I checked, spelling isn’t really a high school subject. Halle’s kindergarten program will study classical music! I’m positively giddy about that! Chloe will have an around the world thing but next year we get to study Vivaldi, Bach and Handel. The girls were talking last night about everything they want home-school to be. It involved baking, cooking, field trips and Halle wants ballet time so she can spin in circles on her heel in the living room. I asked them about math and Chloe groaned. So, I guess we’ll see how this goes.


6 thoughts on “Hello Autumn

  1. The girls are growing up, beautiful young ladies.
    Your kitchen makeover has inspired me, I really want to redo our
    cabinets, and I think I now have the confidence to get started.
    Love to all
    Aunt Cristy

    • Thanks, Aunt Cristy. Funny but I never thought you were timid in the home improvement area. I seem to remember something about a chain saw and a load bearing wall 😉

  2. Yes, it will be the refining of all the things about yourself that God wants to rid you of. It’s as much about you as it is the kids. So, it should be a fantastic year for all three of you! Hard? Yes. Tiring at times? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. Some people say to ease into it, and add more difficulty (more subjects, more rigorous assignments…) as you go. I am learning that my kids respond best when I set the bar high and DO NOT BUDGE. With time, they accept that they’ll have to (for example) write the paper entirely over from scratch if they are sloppy with handwriting. Wish I’d figured this out sooner, but I was a push-over on way too much, far too often.

  3. This should be a fun ride. I will be praying it all falls into place and works as it should, but I’ll also be praying that you have the wisdom and the insight to guide all the pieces as they fall into that “place.” What an adventure!

  4. Oh…and I was going to say of Autumn: I too have decided that September 1st is a good time to start celebrating. Otherwise it sneaks up on you and it’s gone in no time. I actually purchased Fall stuff for my dining room table this year. A first for me. I’m liking it. I actually put it out before the 1st, but that’s because I just got it and wanted to make sure I liked it before committing. Once I liked it…why put it away for a few days and then get it out again?

  5. Yep. I always start feeling fall-ish toward the end of August. I think that’s because of my Midwestern childhood 🙂 So…you go ahead girl. Celebrate it!

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