I’m taking a break right now from home-school stuff. I got the main package yesterday and we were all so excited. I almost dropped everything that I was doing to go over everything but didn’t because if I had my house would be in shambles and I’d actually be more overwhelmed than I am right now. It started off wonderfully. Then after an hour of looking through just the kindergarten supplies and realizing that I needed several binders and a filing cabinet, I got that tell-tale-completely-overwhelmed knot in my stomach. See, the only thing worse than not meeting a goal by neglect is trying to meet a goal only to find out that I don’t have the proper supplies to meet the goal. And meeting the goal will include shopping but some supplies are unwrapped and will be vulnerable to little hands that may take them without asking and deposit them in various areas of the house to be lost forever…or at least until after I need them. Deep breath. Let’s back up for a minute though. This is enough to be excited about, right?

It’s a nerd’s paradise. Yeah, I’m a nerd. Travis and I could hardly contain our excitement last night. And I’ve already had the opportunity to have a meaningful, thought-provoking discussion with Chloe over the book titled “God Speaks Numanggang”.  It elicited a “huh”? from Chloe. But I was able to tell her that these books will take us outside of our house, our city and our country and help us to understand that God doesn’t just speak English but every language of the world. I’ve shed a few very happy tears over our curriculum so far. As soon as I get binders and probably a filing cabinet I’ll be ok. After I find a place to put it.

Which brings me to house stuff. I knew that painting the cabinets would be the very last project that I will be able to do this year and maybe into next summer. I really don’t see how people get their houses ready to sell. I guess once I get a really good handle on home-schooling I might try to tackle some smaller projects. But I have to be focused on two things, the kids and home-school first and trying to keep the house clean. I haven’t painted for fun all that much recently and I’m just putting that way on the back burner. Ditto for singing. I can’t even imagine trying to be in choir or anything like that right now. I will finish my embroidery projects. Mostly because I think it will help keep my sanity and it’s a nice thing to do at night. Exercise is a high priority because I need it. Oh, and last night I dreamed that I ate bread and pasta. Actually, my mouth was stuffed so full I couldn’t even close my mouth all the way. So I guess my anxiety dreams will be about things with gluten in them. I think I liked my shark anxiety dreams better. It’s such a tease to dream about eating bread without actually having any.

And in really big news, we met Brian’s family this past weekend-minus his dad, who had to work. I won’t share a lot, I’ll just say that we had a really great time. We talked and laughed for more than 3 hours and I think they’re really great people.

The (little) girls were really excited, see?

The flowers were Chloe’s idea and they ended up giving them to Brian’s family. I have such sweet girls.

You might notice the new chair cushion that Halle is sitting on. I’ve needed new ones for a really long time and I found some at Home Depot on clearance for $10 each. That will likely be on of the small projects I work on. I can spray paint them in the grass so it seems like it’s easier than other projects. After I scrub them down, of course.

Labor Day was nice. We didn’t do much other than grill steaks and talk a lot and play Mario Kart. That comes up a lot, doesn’t it? Well, I was playing and I asked Travis to open the curtains in the living room. I love to have the curtains open but we have to shut them in the afternoon because they face west and it bakes the living room in the summer. As I was playing, I happened to look out the window and saw what I thought were low-lying dark clouds moving fast. Really fast, in fact. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was smoke. Travis went to check it out and started yelling for the girls to come look. And this is what we saw…

Yes, that would be a burning car in front of our next door neighbor’s house. Cr-azy! And it’s still sitting there. The next time you complain about your HOA having ridiculous rules (if you actually complain about things like that) you can be thankful that there are no burned-out cars sitting in the street. I think that the Franklin Fire Dept. was probably excited that they actually got to put a fire out though. They usually just tag along with the ambulances that attend to the older population in our neighborhood. We have a lot of older people here.

Thankfully blogging along with a phone call from my husband have helped me back off the ledge I was about to jump from. He will either bring some binders home or I will take a trip to Target. I am a bit concerned that home-schooling will require frequent trips to office supply stores. I don’t really like those kinds of stores. It’s ok. Some people work best under stress and I work best when I’m organized. That will probably come as a shock to my husband but it’s true. I’ll take another deep breath and I’m off…wish me luck.


9 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. LUCK!!!!!! Don’t step off the ledge! I wish I wasn’t so busy trying to re-organize my life *after* homeschooling (yeah, a lot of things fell by the wayside around here!) or I’d help you get underway! But, seriously, if you need tips or tricks or a nudge, I am here for you. It does take time, and you WILL be fine. If the Lord has led you down this path, stay close to Him, focusing on exactly what He asks of you each day, and you will get through on His strength and genius! he’s got a lot of genius! 🙂

    (and, yes, I’ve complained about our HOA before… it’s no fun getting a letter in the mail for being bad when you forgot to pull your trash can in by 7am the next morning just because your husband was on a business trip and he usually does it! Lighten up, people!)

    • I remember silly notes like that from our apartment complex. It used to make me so mad. Your neighborhood is so low-key though. Who’s the snitch that takes time to make note of the houses with trash cans out? Ok, I’m sure I’d complain about that too. The burned out car is still sitting there…not that it’s bugging me.

      I’ll be fine once I have a good grasp on things. I was hoping to start Monday and now I’m afraid I won’t be ready. Although Halle is getting her teeth pulled on Tuesday so maybe I’ll just start with Chloe on Monday. She’s going to be able to do more things on her own anyway.

  2. New blog skin too! I like it.

    I’m sorry you’re overwhelmed and I totally understand that. I would be too. I’ve never heard of a dream like that, but I can imagine it. Wow. It’s a perfect, “I can’t take it all in” analogy. I love brains.

    For some reason I like office supply stores. The feeling of organization potential in them is motivating to me.

    We have HOA rules here but have not had any issues with crazy rules or picky folks. The rule about parking in the street overnight is apparently city wide, not just a neighborhood thing. I know that having blackened auto in your street is not exactly appetizing, but I think it’s cool that you got to watch.

    • Mary, thank you for getting inside my brain. I thought it was just about my fear of eating something with gluten in it. But that makes perfect sense.

  3. Love your blogs sugar. I’m also glad that your ledges are only a few feet above the ground. We’ll be praying especially for your didactic skills. Love you.

  4. You can do it! Honestly, it’s all that stuff that overwhelmed me about homeschool too. But you know…baby steps and all. Organize it and go for it, one thing at a time.
    That car? Crazy.

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