Goodbye Dolphin Teeth

Dolphin teeth? You’ll just have to see for yourself.

Ok, that picture is frightening. But Halle had two extra teeth that grew in once she lost her two front baby teeth and she loved making that face and hiss/growling. It wasn’t my favorite thing. Initially we called the first one her egg tooth because it was growing in very pointy. As they progressed, we called them shark teeth. It wasn’t teasing, just sort of a nickname. And then she decided they would be her dolphin teeth because she loves dolphins and wanted to be called dolphin girl. She has a pretty healthy self-esteem. So much so that she did not want to lose them. Unfortunately, we didn’t really give her a choice in the matter. Her permanent teeth are way up in the roof of her mouth, waiting to come down and well, the dolphin teeth had to go. I have to say though,  that every time Halle has lost a tooth it’s been traumatic. She’s the only child I’ve ever met that mourns the loss of her teeth.

“Oh, my beautiful tooth is gone! Gone! Why?!?”. And on it goes for a couple of hours or even the whole day. Those aren’t my favorite days.

This picture is better. She’s a cute little dolphin girl.

We took her to the dentist this morning and I told her she’d be loopy like Jimmy Neutron was in one of his cartoons. The one with the Brain Drain thing if that helps. But even once she was loopy she’d ask when she was going to be loopy but it was more like she was drunk. It was really painful for Travis and I to watch because it was so pitiful. We just felt really bad. Then they let us take her back and I kept expecting them to tell us to leave. But they never did.

I’m not the one that cleans up icky messes around here. If somebody barfs then Travis is the one to clean it up. I have a weak stomach. I first found this out when I was about three. A baby spit up and I saw it and well, that was that. I tried to outgrow it. I even applied for a medical technologist position out of high school (they assist in surgeries). I’m very thankful to have blown that interview.

Back to the dentist office…

I hung in well there for a while. I  held on to Halle’s foot while I looked at the floor. Until I heard the pulling sound and I felt a rush of heat to my face followed quickly by a very cold sensation. That’s happened before and I didn’t want them to have to pick me up off the floor so I had to leave. I’m very thankful for my husband who stayed (and actually watched) the whole time. I tell him often that he should have been a doctor. He actually finds that kind of thing fascinating. Although I don’t anticipate any career changes around here.

When we left Halle was irrational and highly upset about losing her teeth. “I won’t look beautiful anymore! I won’t be able to talk right! I want my mommy!”. She really believed that her dolphin teeth made her beautiful. I love that about her. And now she’s playing video games with Chloe. She was definitely a trooper…she’s getting lots of ice cream today.


6 thoughts on “Goodbye Dolphin Teeth

  1. She totally deserves the ice cream 🙂 And I’m pretty squeamish too…Chris is the one who handles the gross stuff in our house for sure!

  2. What a trooper she is. I find Halle fascinating. I really do. The more you tell me about her, the more I read about her…the more fascinating she becomes. Someday, you will probably write a book about her…and her Dolphin Teeth. Too cute.

    Kris is actually the more squeamish of our pair. I can’t say I like blood and parts and such, but he tends to like it less.

  3. I agree with Mary! What a great idea for a children’s book!
    You have me cracking up over that face and the hissing~Lol! Hope that is on video somewhere for whenever you might need it;)

    • I guess I’d have to leave it up to you creative ladies to write it since I can’t imagine writing a book about Halle having teeth pulled. I mean, I’m sure there’s a way to make it cutsie, I’m just not sure I could pull it off. 😀

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