We’re taking an unexpected day off from school because Chloe is sick. Friday it was Halle but Chloe could still do her school work. I’m not feeling well either and was running a fever last night but I’m feeling better than I was yesterday. So I’m taking the day to clean, organize and start preparing for our anniversary trip to….wait for it….Panama City Beach!

I told somebody (not quite sure who, maybe I said it in my blog, I can’t remember) that I’d completely given up on seeing the ocean this year. I thought we’d go to Gatlinburg and maybe hike and shop. Because I like hiking and shopping. And fortunately for me, my husband likes hiking and doesn’t hate shopping. Too much. But while we were sort of tossing around ideas a gal that he works with said that her mom owned a place in Panama City Beach and they gave us a great deal and well, that’s where we’re going. I suppose it’s a good thing that it’s still ridiculously hot because that translates to great beach weather (91 degrees so far today, blech). It’s not so great for autumn here but it happens sometimes. If it means that really cold weather will be delayed then I’m all for it. I’d like to have a mild winter this year.

The beach wasn’t on my radar at all  since it’s supposed to be autumn, it’s nostalgic though because that’s the beach where Travis proposed. We ate at Runaway Island and I think it’s still in business. There’s sort of a webpage for it. It hasn’t been updated since 1999 which is when we got engaged and married-funny.We’re planning on eating there again next weekend. We’re also planning on being at the beach *a lot* and I’m hoping to get a tan that will last mostly through the autumn months. I’ll still end up pasty-white at some point but it’s nice to be able to delay that a bit.

Since it is autumn I’ve been toying with the idea of getting some not permanent (like 6-12 washes not permanent) hair color as red as I could possibly go. We watched Night at the Museum 2 last night and I think it’s impossible to watch Amy Adams and not want to be a red head. My hair is reddish/blondish/brownish anyway so it’s not to big of a stretch. Plus it’s funny to see the look on Trav’s face when I say I’m going to dye my hair red. It’s really worth it just for that. I’ll definitely wait until after we get back though.

I’ll finish up here with some photos from our first home-school nature walk that we took at Harvey Park in Spring Hill. I *really* love that park.

Leaves…in various states of decomposition.

The stream is covered in parts by a tree canopy. We didn’t venture back there but just enjoyed the beauty of it all.

Doesn’t she look smart? She had a great time observing. Quickly. She observed as much as possible in the least amount of time possible so that she could play. Being the mean mommy that I am, I made us all take a walk around the track first.

Halle didn’t really know what we were looking for but had fun all the same.We saw wildflowers…

And what could maybe, possibly be a fossil. It looks like a giant sand flea to me. But even if it’s not a fossil we’re still searching and learning.

And when walking through a stream or over rocks, I highly recommend Teva sandals. I bought these for our Fall Creek Falls trip and they’re fantastic. I wouldn’t hike without them. So what if they’re actually kids sandals? So what if they came with a connect the dots picture for me to draw and color later? I’ll just say that if one decides to buy hiking sandals at the very end of summer two hours before everything closes, one must be willing to accept the possibility of ending up with kids sandals. I still love them though.And if I hadn’t made the kiddos take a walk around the track we would have totally missed this cute little guy.

I might add that the girls ran screaming from it since they’d recently been told that these guys sting. I told them they didn’t have to touch it but I was still the only one that enjoyed it. I think they were convinced he was going to attack them.

And thus concludes today’s post. I will now get to the glamorous task of sweeping, mopping, organizing and cleaning. And maybe at some point I’ll have lunch.


5 thoughts on “Today

  1. I know how much the beach means to you- are you going alone or taking the girls?

    And I have NEVER been to that park- please e-mail me details. SOunds wonderful. Sometime soon, before its really cold, I’ll have to go! What a great homeschooling mommy you are already!

    • We’re going to drop the kids off in B’ham and we’ll have a couple of days then my parents are being very kind to bring the kids and stay with us for the end. We couldn’t have imagined them not getting to see the beach at all.

      Harvey Park is on Miles Johnson PKWY. It’s right off Columbia on the right. The trees block the view of the park so it’s really easy to miss. I’d e-mail but I’m only receiving e-mails and can’t send them out.

  2. Bliss! Alone! So excited for you guys- what a celebration that will be!!! Happy, Happy Anniversary!

    I’m sure I can find the park on Google maps or you can tell me later- I’m certainly not headed there today with all the ickiness that’s in our house!

  3. The park looks wonderful. Anywhere you can be near water and trees is a happy place in my book.

    I’m so, so glad that you guys get to go to the beach for your anniversary. What could be more perfect? I’m really happy for you, for your whole family and all that God has done.

    And of course…I’m not even jealous…because I don’t like sand. I am jealous of the idea of getting away without kids though. I’m sure we’ll do that again one of these days. Potty training Aron is getting us closer and closer to making that an easier endeavor. Have a GREAT weekend!

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