Two Posts In One Week?

Say it ain’t so! I’m currently finishing cuppa joe #1 and am listening to the munchkins packing for our trip. Well, I’m listening to Chloe pack and Halle offer advice on what to pack. It’s pretty funny. There’s also classical music playing in the background. You know, to make us smarter while we blog/pack. I’m currently enjoying Carmen Suite No. 2 by Bizet. I don’t know that all of this music is from the Classical period of music because I haven’t looked at it that closely. I think my fave though was Waltz in D-flat Major by Chopin. And since Chopin & Bizet were both composers from the Romantic period then it’s just the generic “classical” music that gets tossed on a CD. Pardon my music geeky-ness I can’t help it. It’s nice that I get to home-school my kids and revisit something that I love very much. Moving on before I start crying…

The CD came with Halle’s curriculum. There are activities like watercolor painting to music and dancing with a bean bag on her head. Chloe’s music is songs from all around the world. So as we study geography, we’re learning some music from the areas as we study them. Have I mentioned that I love our curriculum?

We’ve taken it easier this week due to sickness. We haven’t even started math yet but we will when we get back into town. It’s been nice to just sort of get our footing. Chloe says that home-schooling is much harder than she thought it would be. I consider that to be a good thing. I always want them to be challenged. I’m finding it difficult to resist the urge to just jam everything in. I’m also finding that Chloe, while a great reader, will read things as quickly as possible and not retain much at all. So I’m having to make her re-read and sometimes re-re-read things. I’ll admit that her geography makes for a tough read. I have to really focus to get through it because reading about maps is boring.

I also love other changes that are happening. I’m giving the girls more responsibility and I’m requiring more of them. I made packing list for Chloe with the items and number of things for her to pack for our trip. She’s really excited to be able to pack her own suitcase and I’m excited that it’s one less thing that I have to do. Halle can’t pack her own suitcase yet but I’ll definitely let her help me. I find it interesting that for us, home-school has really changed so much about the way I do things. Already. I’m concerned/bothered about having to miss school for dental procedures, sickness and a trip though. I mean, having the freedom to do those things is great but I don’t want to be doing school until July. I’m going to have to figure that out and I haven’t yet.

I also find it amazing at how comfortable I am doing this. Yes, I get frazzled and our schedule isn’t perfected yet. But it feels like I’ve walked into my purpose. Finally. I’m very excited for today and for our future as we walk this out.


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