Bullet Points

I have so many things to write about and not nearly enough time to do it. Well, that’s only partly true. Technically, I have as much time as I want. It’s just that if I take as much time as I want then the 5 baskets of clean but unfolded baskets of clothes in the living room will remain mostly clean (the kids like to play in them) but still unfolded. I won’t bother listing off all the other things I need to do but am currently not doing.

The trip was great. And weird. And beautiful and symbolic. And Travis was sick and didn’t talk most of the time. That was the weird part. I’m really not used to him not talk my ear off when we’re away. Or home. Or at the store. Or wherever. He is the talkative one *unless* I’m really excited about something and then I’ll talk non-stop for hours about one thing. He likes those times. No, really. Especially if he’s tired because we’re still talking even if I’m the only one actually talking. It’s a strange dynamic we have. I have pictures, I promise. You’ll just have to wait until I find my USB cable to upload them. Sorry.

We got home on Wednesday and went camping on Friday. Sort of. We went to a Life Group function at our LG leaders house that included camping but we didn’t actually stay the night. The other (crazy) LG people did but 1. we don’t have camping equipment 2. we have no place to store camping equipment so we won’t be getting any and 3. even if we did have camping equipment we wouldn’t have camped because I didn’t want to pack again after just getting back into town. All the other parts were really fun though. We roasted hot dogs over a fire. And well, talked and laughed around a big camp fire. It was pretty chilly. I should have been more proactive about taking things that I could actually eat. I ended up bumming a gluten-free chicken dog thing from a friend but didn’t eat the chili because I wasn’t sure if there was flour in it. But I felt bad because it ended up being a big deal with friends trying to figure out something for me to eat. I really don’t want to do that again. So for Life Group this Sunday, I’m making the chili πŸ˜€ The upside to all of that was that I found out that gluten free graham crackers exist and that they taste pretty good. You know what that means, right? I can make Key Lime pies and eat them too, yay!

Last night the big kid came over for dinner. She stays much longer than she used to and that’s nice. We actually get a chance to catch up and I think she misses us. Not in an “I want my mommy” sort of way but in a wanting to hang out with the family sort of way. She also misses my cooking and took a heaping helping for she and Brian when she left.

Pilates. I should be doing Pilates right now. I’m not going to even begin to whine about how out of shape I am. I’m really not…whining….right….now. No, I’ll just say that I’ll be very thankful when I’m not in the getting back into shape phase.

I’ve sort of messed up my schedule today. I got up earlier. Showered earlier. And decided to take us to the park for a nature walk (it’s in our curriculum for today) and while we were out I’d just take a quick trip to a friends house to pick up some clothes for Halle and to Publix. *Then* we’d finish our schooling for the day. Big mistake. Apparently my brain stops functioning if I do things out of our normal order. Good to know.Β  So Chloe got in math and science or part of science and that was it. I’ve decided to not beat myself up about it. I’ll chalk it up to the learning curve in all this and move on. Tomorrow it’s definitely lessons first, then fun.

And tonight I’ll be folding clothes and hopefully I’ll get to read a little more of Anne of Green Gables. I enjoyed the book when I was younger and thought I’d read it aloud to the kids. I think it’s a bit advanced for them though. I read a bit about the author and her personal life is reflected a lot in the book although it was still fictional. It’s so sad but I’m still enjoying it. Anne reminds me a lot of Chloe. And now I’m off.


5 thoughts on “Bullet Points

  1. Well, I’m looking forward to the pictures of course, but so glad you had a good time and that you got a lot out of it. I hope to hear more in the future.

    I don’t think I ever read the Anne of Green Gables books. I watched the movies and loved them but totally need a refresher, it’s been many years. Wish I had a good excuse…like a daughter…to read the books. I don’t know if I could interest the boys in that or not.

    Welcome back.

  2. I know just how it feels to have people scramble to find food for you. Ugh. Hate it.
    And Anne of Green Gables? Oh, it’s our favorite around here – at least the favorite of the girls. As might be expected, Anne reminds us all a bit of Emma πŸ™‚ No wonder she and Chloe are such fast friends.

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