Forget Monday

I’m not usually a Monday grouch. I like Mondays actually. And I’m not even a grouch today…but Chloe is. I’m not sure what it is but school has been scrapped because of it. Maybe I pushed her too hard last week? If I did though it’s because we didn’t do everything last Monday.

It had been such a busy weekend that I *had* to clean. If a friend had unexpectedly shown up at our house I would have had to ask them to stay outside. It was that bad. But my sweet hubby cleaned most of the weekend because I was sick. Did I mention that? No? Well, I was. Actually, I’m still really tired. Anyway, we could have done school. I had a plan. And since we’re a few weeks into it now, it was a lot. And she moped. And we got a late start because well, I had to have some blood-work done this morning and we had to go to the library and focusing was difficult because it’s so beautiful outside and…and…forget it. Please don’t call the homeschool police, k?

We did go to the park. And we went for a nice walk along Boyd Mill if you’re familiar with these here parts. And she moped because we didn’t walk all the way to downtown. Then she “fainted” in the grass because we’d walked too far.

And I can’t seem to completely cook my eggs. I hope I don’t get food poisoning.

I think I’ll call it a day.


2 thoughts on “Forget Monday

  1. I understand.

    I was having some of that this morning (Tuesday) and finally I listened to the Holy Spirit who was trying to tell me all morning…”It’s okay.” I realized my need to be efficient in all things, was just my idealism kicking in again. I’m better now.

    I hope you are having a good Tuesday.

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