What I’m Doing

I was so happy that I posted twice last week. That hasn’t happened in a long time. I think that when you’ve blogged for so many years, as I and many of my friends have, it’s easy to get into a bloggy rut. Not that my friends are. My friends are actually doing great. So great in fact, that I need to show you all one in particular. But I need to set it up first…

When I moved to Tennessee over 10 years ago I had zero friends. But Travis had a friend that he’d known from Lakeland and his friend had a wife named, Mary. Now, there was no guarantee that she and I would be friends. She and I were very different at the time. She’d been raised Mennonite and her heritage was Amish. I wasn’t. She dreamed of being a wife and mom. I didn’t. She cooked…and made it all from scratch. I really didn’t. But she was really funny and I loved eating at their house and hanging out and she never made me feel like I was a weirdo. That’s a really good thing. And over the years I’ve learned to cook from scratch (back then I thought that using Bisquick *was* cooking from scratch) and had more kids and we share more in common than I ever thought possible. And she’s really talented…really.

Besides being a wife, mom, quilter (not kidding), actor, singer and a bunch of other things, Mary also designs things. Cards are one of those things and I happened to win a bunch of them a few days ago. I would take pictures but my little point and shoot is no match for her camera so I’m going to link over there so you can see for yourself. You can find some really great samples of her work here and here, the set I won is here and you can find her shop here. And since I know Mary very well, I know that she’s most likely blushing right now.

And here’s the segue….nice, huh?

The Button family lives in a very small house. And since we do, it’s hard to find places to put things and still make things look nice. Now, I know for a fact that no matter how large a home is, a flat surface is a magnet for clutter. So, it’s not just a Button family thing. In the house I grew up in, my Mom’s kitchen had a large counter area that extended into the family room and was the magnet for all sorts of clutter. It drove her crazy. And so I say, “sorry about that, Mom”, since now I have my own sources of frustration.

I’m not even going to talk about the island in the kitchen. Sometimes I forget I have an island and think it’s a mail table. What I’m talking about is the piano. Remember, any flat surface is fair game. See?

This is Travis’ stuff. He reads the Bible and prays in the living room in the morning before he goes to work…and then sets his stuff on the piano.

The girls see it as a display spot for *all* their cards. There are ones they made (thanking Travis and I for caring for them…not kidding), a couple from friends, one from Grandma and one…wait for it….from an officer at the credit union, thanking them for opening an account. They make me laugh. But they’re covering the pictures I have displayed.

I prefer to have a simple display including a seasonal candle, family pictures, and the wrought iron pumpkin I bought for $5 at a garage sale.

Who will win the battle? Probably nobody. I’ll keep cleaning it off when I notice that there’s a bunch of stuff up there again. And I’ll sigh and think about how it’s frustrating and cute too. And then I’ll take a look at the million things tacked onto the refrigerator…


5 thoughts on “What I’m Doing

  1. I am your local friend who is not so good at the blogging as of late. I don’t even feel bad about it! 😛

    Mary’s cards are fantastic and cute and well done.

    Surfaces. Um. Yeah. Losing battle here and I have a hearty “AMEN” to the mail island. 😦

  2. Eh, my surface clutter can beat your surface clutter up 😉
    I absolutely love your wrought iron pumpkin and yeah – Mary’s pretty great!

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