Walking Miss Daisy

As anyone that has seen my recent facebook status updates knows, we have a new puppy. I have been asking for a puppy since the day Travis and I got married, I think. I may have said “I do….as long as you get me a puppy.” I’m not sure, it was a long time ago and is kind of fuzzy now.

It never seemed like the right time though. I thought about it recently and Travis and I have lived in 7 places in the last 11 years. 4 of those have been in this house. The house that’s too small for another thing to live in, blah, blah, blah. Travis has been really hesitant about the whole thing. But it’s almost my birthday (insert sly grin here).

He asked me what I wanted and I was actually a little peeved.

He knows what I want for my birthday. I enlisted the kids in a “get mom a dog for her birthday” campaign. How can he ask me what I want for my birthday?

I tried to not act too annoyed. Then I just said “I want a puppy. I don’t want anything else, I only want a puppy. If you get me something else I’ll do my best to not be upset but I want a puppy.” I rarely ask for things like that. But I’d wanted a puppy for more than a decade and I was tired of waiting. We had that puppy that was promised to us only to have it un-promised in March. I might have cried. It may have been big crocodile tears, bordering on sobbing. Maybe.

I’d been researching puppies and the best kind and health problems and life span…a lot of things. We’d settled on a Golden Retriever but decided that they were too big. So I decided on a Cocker Spaniel. Until we saw another Golden/Collie mix like the dog we thought we were getting but didn’t. As soon as I saw her I knew she was the one. We adopted her the next morning. Here she is at a friends house. She kept sticking her head through the slats in the door and she actually made it all the way through. I’m pretty sure she couldn’t do that now…she’s grown a bit already.

And I’ve learned a few things about her already.

1. She’s very smart.

2. She’s spunky except when she’s a fraidy cat.

3. She gets the hiccups when she’s too excited or overwhelmed.

4. She doesn’t like cars.

5. She thinks my kids arms and legs are sticks that she’s supposed to fetch.

But she’s cute…

And she’s our little Daisy Button. Soon to be big Daisy Button but that’s another story. And the name Daisy? It came from playing Mario Kart endlessly this summer.


7 thoughts on “Walking Miss Daisy

  1. I think she’s absolutely the second cutest puppy ever! So happy for you! Looking forward to the next Sandy/Daisy play session.

  2. Ohmyword. I love her so. much. I love her face, I love that she gets the hiccups and I love her name. I especially love how she got her name 🙂

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