Conversation With Chloe…

Apparently I’m so excited about being well that I’m acting like a big dork. A dork you say? Why yes, yes I am. How so? A few minutes ago I was singing “Isn’t she lovely” at the top of my lungs…to my dutch oven. No, not that dutch oven, silly (Amanda giggles every time I say it).

This dutch oven…

Ain’t she purty? It was a birthday gift from my parents. They brought it with them when they visited for Thanksgiving. And tonight she and I will be making beef stew. I think I’ll name her. Oh, and I got a purse too. A really pretty purse the same color as Missy there. But I was more excited about the dutch oven. It’s a shame I can’t carry it everywhere with me.

Oh, and back to my dorkness…

(Amy- singing at the top of my lungs) Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she won-der-ful. (over and over again because that’s the only words I know.

(Chloe) Are you singing about yourself?

(Amy) No, silly, why would I do that? I’m singing about my dutch oven.

(Chloe) I do. (singing) I’m so awesome, la, la, la. Haha, I’m just kidding.

I love that kid.

The End.


6 thoughts on “Conversation With Chloe…

    • $50 bucks at Costco. It’s their brand so if you’re finicky about that then you’ll want to find something else. I’ve also seen them at TJ Maxx for about $50 as well.

  1. I have a Dutch oven. It’s my favorite pot, hands-down, for just about everything. I can’t wait to hear her name as I tend to name all the things I love 🙂

  2. Now I’m going to laugh every time I hear Dutch oven! I saw your comment on Hookedonhouses ( Hi neighbor! 😀 ), so thought I’d check out your blog. Now I’ll be laughing about Dutch ovens all day…lol. Be safe, its icy out there today in Cool Springs.

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