Who Knew?

I’m still here. I’m alive and am feeling much better, thank you. Who knew that having a really high fever was enough to send a grown up to the ER? I didn’t. And who knew that would be enough to freak my husband out badly enough that I wasn’t allowed to leave the couch…except to move to the bed to nap. No e-mail, facebook, blogging. Just.lying.around. I guess I needed it though because I’m better now. Moving.On.

My kids have taken an interest in crime scene investigation. Maybe it’s because I got hooked on NCIS while I was sick. Anyway, they decided they needed to “dust for prints” and begged me to let them have some cocoa powder. I said “no way, you’ll make a huge mess”. But after much more begging, I dipped the end of a pastry brush into cocoa powder and they were able to retrieve a “partial print” off of my perfume bottle. Then Chloe pulled it off the bottle with a piece of tape and they began examining the Button families finger prints. Really. I think they saw it on TV or something. They constantly amaze me.

When I last wrote, Daisy was driving us all mad. But I’m happy to report that she is so much better now. Using her crate has really helped. And her teeth aren’t as sharp and that really helps. She’s really starting to be part of the family.

Last night Chloe accidentally shut the bathroom door on Halle’s fingers. Then she panicked and pulled Halle’s fingers out of the shut door instead of opening it. Serious wailing ensued. From both girls. Chloe felt so bad about the whole thing. At one point Travis was sitting on the floor, leaning next to the couch, holding a wailing Halle and Daisy wedged herself between Travis and the couch with really big puppy eyes that said “what is going on here?” A few minutes later she jumped up on the couch…with the hiccups. That dog makes me laugh. I kind of hope she always gets the hiccups because it’s so cute. Anyway, she licked Halle’s fingers and Halle said they felt better. It’s a doggie miracle! Especially since nothing else worked. That’s why I love dogs.

And now I must depart. Chloe was able to do the basics of home-school last week but we really need to do a lot this week. So I bid you adieu.


3 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. So glad you’re better – and that you got a little TLC forced on you. I know that the only time I really *really* rest is when Chris makes me.

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