Picture Post

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted pictures of all that’s going on here. But since Halle turned 6 (!) yesterday I thought I’d share some.

We picked our Christmas tree up in the snow. We ended up getting 4″ which hasn’t happened here in a long time. And I’m sure it’s been even longer since we’ve had so much snow in December. We usually don’t get the white stuff until January and February.

Daisy. There’s not much else to say…

My autumn decorations were still up because, well, it was still autumn.

It was so cold but the kiddos didn’t care. I don’t like playing in snow when it’s 15 degrees though. I much prefer to watch them through the window with a cup of coffee in my hand. I made a big batch of hot chocolate to warm them up afterwards.

Amanda begged me to let her help decorate Halle’s cookie cake last night. I would have probably skipped the smiley face but Amanda was happy so I didn’t care. Halle asked for an ocean with a Hawaiian flower. And that’s what she got. Twas a lot of frosting.

She’s so tiny. It’s hard to believe that she’s six! I don’t know what it is about having a six year old. It makes me kind of sad because she’s the baby. I wish she was still two.

And these are spiced oranges that we made a few minutes ago. I wish I had some ribbon to tie on but I don’t. The girls had fun with the cloves for a few minutes and then I had to finish Halle’s. My hands smell fantastic though. I made one of these as a Missionette years ago and Travis loves cloves so I know he’ll love these.

I have tons to do, as does everyone else I know but I’m also taking the opportunity to do some things that I like to do as well. If I can get things cleaned and organized enough the girls and I are going to tackle a gingerbread Christmas tree. I got the idea from my friend, Mary. I meant to get some gumdrops because I love the way they look. I suppose I was destined to forget them though since I never go down the candy isle. Tomorrow night is going to be dedicated to looking at Christmas lights with friends and somehow I’m going to squeeze in White Christmas and Holiday Inn. And I may listen to Michael W. Smith’s Christmas album from 1988 a dozen more times. I’m really loving it this year.


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