Homeschool Fun

Homeschool is fun and tedious and rewarding and a whole lot of other things rolled into one. I’ve gotten to know Chloe better in the process though and have found out that she really likes crafts. I should have known that but a lot of times I look at her schedule and get tunnel vision with assignments and leave the fun things out of it. Halle’s curriculum on the other hand, is mostly fun. Her attention span is roughly that of a gnat so crafts fill out her day and help to reinforce what we’re learning. It makes Chloe grumpy though that Halle gets to have fun. I gave her a coloring sheet one morning and she said “Thanks, Mom. I was actually going to lose my mind if I didn’t get to color something”. Point taken.

We made these cute turtles and lily pad when Halle was studying Tt.

The lily pad was supposed to be a Mexican flower but we didn’t have enough tissue paper so we used coffee filters. If you’ve ever made a tissue paper flower then you know how to make this. When we pulled the layers apart though I thought it looked like a water lily. So we used some water color paint to paint a lily pad from another coffee filter. The turtles are just paper plates, stapled together and painted with some of my artist acrylics with construction paper head, legs and tail. Mostly because I haven’t bought any craft paint. Well, it’s totally because I haven’t bought any craft paint.

I thought about putting beans inside the turtles to make an instrument of sorts but didn’t. We did do that later for another lesson though. I put un-popped popcorn between two paper plates and stapled it together and wowza was it loud! If you don’t like a lot of noise and want to make the turtle craft, skip the popcorn. I mean, it’s *really* loud. Surprisingly loud. I made Halle take it to the playroom and shut the door to play with it. Then I threw it away when she wasn’t looking.  Hopefully Santa won’t put coal in my stocking for that.


3 thoughts on “Homeschool Fun

  1. Oh I throw LOTS of stuff away when the kids aren’t looking! No way to stay afloat, otherwise… too many papers with 4 kids!

    You’ve probably got your good day, and bad days, but I’d venture to say that the overall vibe is a good one in your home school. Well done, mommy!

  2. Hee, hee. I’m constantly tossing stuff. My boys want to keep EVERYTHING. I think Santa probably has to do it too though…I mean think about all the letters he gets, how many crayon drawings and sticker pages come with those things? You know it would pile up pretty quick. I just hope he gets recycling service up at the North Pole.

    Love the water lily and turtles. I wish I could have gone to your school. There are still days I feel like Chloe, if I don’t make something I’m going to lose my mind.

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