January 5, 2011

Ah, where to begin? We Buttons had the busiest but most fun weekend in recent memory.

We had a Life Group party on New Year’s Eve. I met Lori’s (my life group leader, friend, mentor) parents and they were the most wonderful, welcoming people. Everyone is supposed to call them Nana and Poppa, sweet. Poppa has celiac disease and can’t have gluten so Nana and I got to talk about recipes and different flours and things. She even lent me some cook books and one has recipes for Biscotti! I’m so excited. It’s not like I ever ate Biscotti that much anyway but it’s nice to occasionally have something to dip in my coffee.

We all talked and laughed and shared a meal. And then we played spoons. If you’ve never played spoons, you should know that somebody could lose an eye. I’ve heard a story of a chandelier being broken while playing spoons on the floor. Really. I don’t usually play games like that. Mostly because it can get ugly. But this time I did play. And I put Nana out in the first round. In my defense though, I did offer her my spoon.

We drove home that night in a decent storm. Although, the storms here never really compare to the intensity of a Florida storm. So I was surprised that there were limbs down all over the place. Wimpy Tennessee trees. Kidding. I love Tennessee. And I’ll love it even more as soon as it warms up.

Saturday was a wedding and um, it’s tough to get home at 2am and then get ready for a wedding. I guess if any of the Button girls had appropriate wedding attire it wouldn’t have been so tough. I haven’t had a job that made me dress up in more than 6 years and we usually wear jeans to church. I like that about us. But it meant that I had to wear pantyhose. Bleh. I used to dress up a lot. Voluntarily even. But at my last job I had to dress up every single day and I’m just over it. I did manage to find a skirt that fit and the little Button girls got new outfits. I remember when I was the one getting a new outfit. I miss those days.

Chloe got a super cute pants outfit and I went with a Punky Brewster look for Halle.

What you can’t see are her bright striped stockings and cowboy boots. It’s her style, I just go with it. The fireplace belongs to Kris and Mary, our dear friends that live in Mt. Juliet. We visited a bit after the wedding. The Buttons, Kelsos and Fadelys used to hang out every weekend for several years. We lived the farthest away which was about a half hour. Since then we’ve all moved and the Kelsos are about an hour away. Add kids and different responsibilities into the mix and we don’t see each other nearly as often. So it’s always really nice to catch up. Plus I really like their fireplace. I’m going to try to sneak it out in my purse next time we see them.

Sunday was church and I was grumpy. I was tired from being out late two nights and Travis is on call right now and his pager kept going off. We went to church and Pastor Dale was a bit on the long-winded side. I know he just wanted us to *really* get what he was saying. But I *really* got it the first time he said it. As we were walking out to go get the kids I said to Travis…

Amy- He would not stop talking

Travis- But what he said we really good.

Amy- Yeah, and he kept saying the same good things over and over

Travis- (slight pause) You need a nap.

I’m sure that never happens to anyone else.

I have many more things I could write about but today is a big day. Travis (aka. Mr. Button) has a birthday today. A big birthday. It’s his 40th birthday. I’m happy to say that he hasn’t decided to jump out of any planes or do any other mid-life crisis type things but he has asked that I would bake an apple-blueberry pie. The only type of pie I’ve ever made was a pot pie and it didn’t have a bottom and top crust. Oh, and he requested that it be gluten free so that I could eat it too. If you haven’t worked with gluten free flour before I’ll just say that it’s like working with sand. Wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “January 5, 2011

  1. Oh I hope your pie turns out nicely. I wished Travis a happy birthday on my blog today and I’ll just say it again for good measure. Happy 40th birthday Travis! Now you’re really grown up.

    Other than Ivan’s wailing the other night because he didn’t feel good, I had a REALLY good time. Wish we could do it more often.

  2. Well, I already posted birthday stories on my blog so i won’t do that again…The gluten-free waffles I tried once tasted like sand… 🙂 But I am sure your pie will be yummy! You could always make it crustless…I guess that would make it more like a baked fruit dessert than pie though…And being married to a former chimney sweep makes me bemoan the fact that we haven’t had a fireplace in years…

  3. I’ve totally had that whole need-to-dress-up-and-I’m-not-prepared experience before. So funny.
    Happy birthday to Travis. 40? It can’t be. Just can’t.

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