Trav’s birthday. It’s always difficult to properly celebrate a birthday when it falls in the middle of the week. It’s even more difficult when it’s a big birthday. You know, a milestone. 40 is definitely a milestone. We plan on celebrating soon with a shopping trip which is most definitely celebrating Button style.

The pie. Gluten free flour was just as wretched to work with as I’d anticipated. Making the dough was easy enough, especially in my new super-awesome food processor that my parents bought for me for Christmas. Rolling it out was fine but there was no way to transfer that mass of dough from counter top to pie; at least not in one piece. There’s no gluten in it, therefore there’s no elasticity. Well, not much anyway. And the white rice flour is grainy. My solution was to roll it out thicker than normal, cut it with a round cookie cutter and roll the smaller piece out thinner to sort of piece around the pie. If I was a pie pro then I may have been able to pull it off better but this was my first fruit pie. Ever.

And it looked like this:

Smooshy, huh? And um, I’ll make sure the egg wash covers all the dough next time.

The result? Apples and blueberries make a dynamite pie filling. The crust was light and flaky and sandy. Really, that’s the only way to describe the crunch. And although Brian jokingly called it “sandpaper pie”, once he tried it he said he couldn’t tell a difference between that and normal pie.

But I could tell the difference. I’ve made Martha Stewart’s pate brise recipe. It’s heaven…and this wasn’t. I said to a friend that it wasn’t important enough for me to figure out how to make a truly great gluten free pie crust, that next time I’d just buy one. The amount of time I’ve spent thinking about this would suggest otherwise. I will not be bested by a pie. That is all.


5 thoughts on “Pie

  1. Well, Martha Stewart suggests rolling the pie crust out on parchment paper and then lifting it and gently inverting it on the pie…I make my own pies and crusts…But your pie looks beautiful!

    • That’s a great idea. I just need a different recipe for the flour. I think that if I omitted the rice flour it would help.

  2. Well, I bet it was fine- it looks yummy! And, I could use a piece right now with my coffee. 🙂

    And, you’re right- you have to know what is worth it to you. I didn’t know Whole Foods had them when I suggested sleuthing it out.

    Or (and I LOVE pastry and pie crust, so this recommendation doesn’t come lightly)… what about baking the filling and then just having it with a scoop of coconut milk ice cream??? Mmmmmmmmm.

    • Well, I love (I mean lurrrvvveee) pie crust too. If it’s good. I suppose I’m picky. But once you’ve tried the pate brise recipe I think you’re ruined. I thought about almond flour but it’s so much research and buying special ingredients…eh.

      The filling was crazy-good though! I would also love it as a crisp or it would have been good with just ice cream. Here’s the recipe for the filling. I think I used Fuji, Gala and Granny Smith apples (not completely sure) and fresh blueberries. Mmmmm.


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