Ah, Saturday. Well, it will be Saturday. Today is actually Friday but I love the post it in the future feature (say that 5 times really fast) which means that as you’re reading this, I’m in my pajamas sipping coffee with the hubs. Nice.

And here are a few of my favorite things…

The sunlight that shines on my table in the morning, well, Button morning time anyway. It’s probably about 11am. The bubble vases that Amanda got for me and a Starbuck’s mug full of yummy coffee. I hope you’ve had your coffee too because I’m going to tell you a Daisy story.

Daisy is my puppy. She’s a sweet puppy and is not at all graceful. We call her an oaf. It’s mostly because she doesn’t walk as much as she lumbers. And occasionally she’ll jump for something and miss and land directly on her face. But she’s built like a brick wall and is very strong. I think she’s stronger than a 5 month old puppy should be.

Chloe is 9 and a half. It’s most important to her that I tell you that she’s 9 and a half. And she’s able to to more things around the house and does it with a good attitude most of the time.

We have a tether for Daisy in the front yard. Why the front yard? Because it’s easier to keep an eye on her that way. And we feel like it’s safer since it’s farther away from the woods behind our house. You never know what is in the woods but I’ve heard that there are coyotes in these here parts. I’ve never actually seen one. Anyway, on this particular morning I asked Chloe to take Daisy out to tether her. It shouldn’t have been a big deal because she does that for me lots of mornings. I was on the phone with a friend and a few minutes later I heard Chloe screaming at the top of her lungs. You moms know that scream. It usually means somebody is going to the ER. I dropped the phone as quickly as I could and opened the front door to find Chloe screaming and crying and covered in mud, trying desperately to pull Daisy toward the house.

The issue? Daisy saw Bo. Bo is a German Shepherd mix that lives across the street. He’s outside all the time, chained to his dog house. He often gets out though and comes to visit Daisy and she *loves* him. Well, when Daisy saw him this time she jerked the leash so hard that she pulled Chloe off her feet and dragged her down the muddy hill that is our front yard to get to him. Chloe’s hands were hurt along with her pride and to add insult to injury, her brand new pajamas and favorite magenta boots were covered in mud. My sweet Chloe lost it. Her face was red with tears streaming down and she was at least as mad (probably more) as she was hurt.

I swear it felt like it took a hundred years to open the front door, then the storm door to get to Chloe and Daisy. I yelled at Daisy and I yelled at Bo to go home. And I never yell at Bo, he’s a really sweet dog. I honestly don’t know what I said or did after that, except for tethering Daisy. I just wanted to get back inside and check on Chloe. She changed her clothes and I assured my friend that was holding on the phone that whole time that everybody was alive and well.

Daisy stayed outside most of the day with nary a bark to let us know she wanted to come back inside. I really wish I knew what I said to her. I’m sure it was my tone. Or maybe she knew she’d done something wrong because when I brought her back inside she skulked around until dinner time…

When she started begging for food. This is what she looks like when I’m eating dinner…

If she’s not barking, she’ll sit behind me and look at me with big puppy eyes, giving me a huge guilt trip until I give her a tidbit of something. Thursday night it was avocado. That wasn’t her fave.

Sigh. I love the little knuckle head.


3 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I think I’ve tried to leave a comment here about three times. Each time I am interrupted before completing a thought. Having a little guy with a fever has been the biggest issue. He’s a little clingy…and that’s okay. He’s not usually. So what I was going to say several times was something like: Poor Chloe! and, That’s a great story. I mean…I totally picture it happening and totally sympathize for her. And then Daisy skulking around the kitchen in her guilt and shame is sort of funny and cute in a way. Just the fact that she understood your disappointment is truly a testament to why people have dogs. They are pretty cool. Not that I want one, I just like that you have one. 🙂

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