The Weekend in Review

We were busy little bees on Saturday. I’d like to say that we’re always highly motivated on Saturdays and get many things accomplished. And while that’s true sometimes, we often lounge around in PJ’s for hours and play video games. This Saturday though, was different. I had to get the Christmas tree out of the house. It was still beautiful and it made me sad to toss it out but I had to vacuum twice a day to clean up the pine needles that it dropped. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal except that Daisy would run under the tree, knock down a bunch of needles and then spread them all over the living room.

Travis had also asked if we could rearrange the living room to somehow give us more room to play the Wii. My living room is 10X15. It’s hard to configure since we have a full size piano, couch, 2 chairs and an armoire in there. So I figured I’d just do it all at once.

I undecorated the tree while the kids and Travis were working on other things. And while I did I got a bit sentimental.

The one on the right is Amanda in kindergarten. Sigh. And Chloe in second grade. Sigh. And I don’t have one for Halle and I’m the only one to blame! D’oh!

I thought about doing one for Halle this year, really. And I never got around to it. But if I don’t then it won’t happen and I will be sad forever. We did do an ornament project though.

I bought a little 2 pack of unpainted ornaments for the girls and we finished them last week. The yellow Santa is Halle’s. I’m still doing a picture ornament though.

But back to my story. I don’t like to wait for help when I want to get something done. So I yanked the Christmas tree out of the house by myself. Then I started moving the furniture around. It helps that we just keep the armoire on sliders. We didn’t move the piano because it weighs about a million pounds. All in all we moved the armoire 3 times and the couch and chairs at least that many but 5 hours later we’d figured it all out. I’d show you pictures but it’s not the prettiest layout ever. The two chairs are touching arms they’re so close together. But the girls ran around the living room yesterday shouting “we have so much room! Look, Chloe I can run!” So I guess we did okay.

Yesterday, Travis and I served in kids ministry with the dreaded 4th grade. I say “dreaded” because when we first started it was just dreadful. Like really. But as the kids have gotten to know us and quit testing their boundaries and as we’ve gotten to know them, it’s gotten so much better. Travis and I usually split the boys and girls. Yesterday was the same and so after I taught their lesson we talked about really important things…like paint colors. I know what colors their rooms are, what their favorite colors are and that they all *love* American Girl Dolls. And apparently one $100 dollar doll isn’t enough, you have to have a collection of them. I just listened and didn’t lecture on the value of a dollar. Good Amy. I did maybe, possibly, lecture Chloe just the little, tiniest bit later.

I am finding though that the girls respond when I listen to them and talk about things that they like to talk about. And I am going to miss those kids when the year ends. I never would have thought that. At least I get to keep Chloe šŸ™‚

We had life group yesterday afternoon and it’s really amazing what God is doing in our merry little group of life groupians. The guy that made dinner made lasagna with a special gluten free, dairy free lasagna for his wife and I. His wife happens to be allergic to everything but air (kidding) so I benefit from sharing one of her food issues. It was yummy! I truly never thought I’d say that about a gluten/dairy free anything.

We talked and prayed and laughed into the evening and we all headed home, hoping to beat the snow. We aren’t afraid of the snow, we’re afraid of the winding, hilly back roads in the area they live in. Anybody ever heard of Bon Aqua, TN? It’s as small as it sounds.

I’ll give you a little preview of what we woke up to this morning.

Now, I’m going to have some coffee.


5 thoughts on “The Weekend in Review

  1. Oh, mercy. Those snowy trees are beautiful.
    I love the ornaments, love the girls running around the living room & love that you had some lasagna! All around, sounds like a fantastic weekend.

  2. What beautiful ornaments to treasure forever…I have so many memories of Christmases past with my kids…I guess that’s what helps make new Christmas memories with new families-a little bit of the past mixed in with the new… šŸ™‚
    You and I are a lot alike, Amy…

  3. Love, love, love waking up to snow. It really never loses it’s joy for me. What’s more fun than seeing the sun come up and shine on white yards, trees and rooftops? Love it. Bon Aqua…I’ve heard of it…but I didn’t know it was even within driving distance for a weekend. šŸ™‚ So glad you had a good time.

  4. Hi Amy,
    What a fantastic writer you are! I lovde th pic of Amanda whne she was in kindergarden! Wish I could see more of her. We really enjoyed her over Christmas, and thrilled that Brian and her are dating. I am pretty sure this will be the year that there relationship becomes more “permanant” But Brian is alwyas reluctant to give too many details!
    I hope Amanda survived my “interesting” family over the holidays! Poor Amanda I felt bad for her, that she had to endure so many people for sucha long time.
    Next time I come to TN I would love for the girls to gwet together for lunch so we can get to know eachother better!

    • Thanks, Susan. I’m so glad you guys had a good time over Christmas. One of the girls shouted to Brian at dinner the other night, “When are you gonna get married?”. Brian blushed a bit. He reminds me of Travis playing things close to the vest like that.

      Amanda definitely survived. I told her that the movie Christmas Vacation is funny for a reason…everybody’s family is interesting šŸ™‚

      We’d love to get together too, thanks!

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