Snow Day!

The snow day. It is the happiest of days among middle Tennessee kids. I miss the anticipation and excitement of finding out that our school district is, in fact, closing for snow. Home-school has it’s perks but snow days isn’t one of them. I made Chloe do her math and let them play in the snow and that may be it for the day.

The derg (that’s what I call Daisy when I’m frustrated with her. As in “dumb derg”. I don’t know why) is ridiculously excited about the snow. She looks out the window and whimpers. She paces back and forth and whines. And when I got her outside she nearly killed me. I guess I should blame the snow. She nearly pulls me off the feet that are desperately trying to get a footing in the midst of all the slippery white stuff. I really need a pair of cleats. I did let her off her leash. Mistake.

She was just pulling me so hard and I couldn’t get down the hill without landing on my backside so I let her go to do what she needed to do. Which she did. Then she ran to the backyard and went into the woods. We’ve never been in the woods but I know on the other side of that hill is a drop off of about 30 feet into a townhouse complex. If there was ever a creature to walk off the side of a cliff, it would be Daisy.

Chloe heard that Daisy was in the woods and quickly grabbed some treats to try to lure her back. It didn’t work. So Chloe and I stood at the edge of our yard and called to her. Chloe was getting more and more frantic and I was struck with inspiration. “Chloe, cry”, I said. She looked at me funny and said, “what?”. “Cry and call to her”. “Okay, but it won’t be fake tears”, Chloe replied. She proceeded to cry and call in the most pathetic manner possible. I nearly cried myself. Not over Daisy being such a stubborn derg, but because of the distress it was causing Chloe.

It worked. Daisy came out of the woods and I grabbed her. She quickly tried to get away and I tightened my grip and went down on one knee…right onto something hard and sharp. And unlike last time, I know what I said to Daisy. It wasn’t nice. I yelled for Travis to help (he worked from home because of the 5 inches of snow we have on our driveway) and he was able to get her leash on her.

He decided to tether her in the front yard despite the snow and asked if he should put her food outside. I quickly said “No! No food for the prisoner!”. I might get slightly dictator like when she makes me mad. Don’t worry, she has a full belly now.

And I’d like to add, just for the record that CHLOE AND I MANIPULATED THE DOG!!! Bipeds win! I’m just sayin’.

I caught this sweet picture of Chloe when she wasn’t looking. She just sighed and said “I just love the snow” while dreamily gazing outside. I couldn’t get a candid of Halle…

Even Daisy will pose for a picture but she was distracted by Mr. Squeaky. My girls name everything…even the dog’s bone.

If she wasn’t so cute…bah!

I have a camera question for you camera savvy people. I’ve done a little looking around for a “real” camera and after a little bit of poking around I think I’ve narrowed what I need down to the Nikon D3000 and Canon Rebel T1I. I don’t want to go any more high-tech than that because given my current photography level, anything more than that would just be a waste. The big difference between the two seems to be the lack of Live View on the Nikon, video too but I’m not much of a videographer. Any recommendations? I think that most (maybe all?) of my photography friends prefer Canon. I just want better pictures. I was testing some cameras out at Target and I have that feeling. I imagine it will still be a while since I’m pretty sure that selling a body part to get a camera is something Travis won’t let me do. But if I know what I’m looking for then I can devise a hair brained scheme to get one. Not that I ever design hair brained schemes.

Until tomorrow…


11 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Kris wants to upgrade…maybe we could work out a deal on cameras. Don’t have a clue as to prices or what a used one is worth so I’m throwing this out without any knowledge behind it. Just caution and wind having a rendezvous.

    I am so impressed at the dog manipulation. Really. I love that it worked.

  2. 1) I love that your daughter cried on command.
    2) I’m a Canon girl myself, but here’s the thing: the differences in image quality between a Nikon and a Canon are negligible. Some people claim to see a difference, but most will admit that there isn’t really much of one. The quality of your photos has way more to do with your understanding of how the features work and your ability to frame your subjects in a pleasing manner:) I like Canon because I think the controls are easier to access. But that’s just me. I think you should just hold them and play with the buttons a bit – see what feels more natural. Hooray for cameras!

      • Also – Adorama sells used cameras & equipment on their website, if you’re interested in used. They have a really good reputation and they have codes listed to tell you about the condition of the equipment. I plan to buy my next couple of lenses there. You can really get a good deal, once you know what you want.

  3. I second Christy’s comment- less about “brand” and more about comfort. I will say I know nothing about the cameras you mentioned but if you can swap out lenses, then I have come to find that a LENS is just as important as the body… if not more! So many digital cameras have a lag that makes it really frustrating to capture action. Also, might I toss out that a used SLR might be as much as a new lesser-quality camera? Determine a budget, and I bet you could plan for it!

    • There was a Nikon listed on the portal and it was the D3000 which I think is their newest entry level SLR. It was still out of reach but made me think that if I know what I’m looking for then I can jump on an opportunity when it comes up.

      Oh, and Mary’s old Canon that she lent me took pictures that were just as good (maybe even better) as my several years newer Kodak point and shoot. So, there’s lots to think about…probably too much. I wish Travis would just figure it out for me šŸ˜‰

  4. Mmmm. There’s a website just for this decision…I’ll ask Kris what it is. I used to have it bookmarked so I could refer people, but that was a couple operating systems ago. I’ll get back to you.

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