I can’t believe it’s still snowing. It’s not a lot here but we’ve had flakes falling for a few days now. Actually we had quite a bit of sleet yesterday…and snow. We don’t usually have this kind of weather so I don’t mind it when we do. It’s nice to have more than a dusting of snow on the ground where the girls try to scrape enough out of the whole yard for a snowball. I am completely stuck in the house though. Our driveway, on a gnarly hill (as one of my friends said the other night), is frozen. I’m so glad I shoveled the back step leading into the house and the front sidewalk. I’ve never actually done that before because I never had to. But since we have to walk the dog several times a day, the walks get packed down and freeze and it’s really dangerous.

And without further ado, I’d like for you to meet Bo. Or is it Beau?

If Daisy was spelling it I think it would be Beau. She *loves* him. I’ve seen her try to shove her entire face into his open mouth. She really can’t control herself around him.

Ah, young love! I don’t think he knows she’s fixed.


3 thoughts on “Bo

  1. They are both so pretty. I’m not exactly stuck here, but I’m not going anywhere that I don’t have to. Enjoying my boys all at home for at least one more day. We’ll see what tomorrow holds.

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