Locked Out

Friday was a day that I had big plans for. I’d been stuck inside the house since the previous Sunday and was really ready to be out.

It’s not actually the snow itself that keeps us inside. It’s once the snow gets smooshed and freezes and turns to ice that keeps us house-bound. It looks like this…

The driveway gets patches of it and I’m not even trying to get out. Travis does. He (almost) always goes to work when the rest of Nashville stays home. Call me a chicken if you want to but I’m not backing down the hill when it’s like that.

Travis will back it out for me though. Which he did on Friday. I had an appointment with Rhonda, my hair fixer extraordinaire at 10 am. If you know the Button girls at all, you know that’s early for us. As I was flying through the house, I mentioned that I needed to warm up the car. Chloe said, “I can do it, Dad taught me how”. I was cautious but I remembered him teaching her and I hadn’t dried my hair yet so I let her. I briefly thought about warning her to not lock the door but since I can’t get her to lock the house door to save my life, I didn’t worry about it.

We were finally ready to go and we headed out the door. I didn’t have my keys since they were in the car and was only able to lock the door knob. You see where this is going? We got to the bottom of the hill where the car was parked and the doors were locked.

The kid who never, ever locks the car doors, locked the car door. I’ve walked outside to see the doors wide open after she went to retrieve something. Travis has found them unlocked when he leaves for work in the morning. The kid doesn’t lock anything. Except this one time.

I called Rhonda and rescheduled for the afternoon (that’s the big advantage of getting your hair cut by someone that works from home) and called Travis to rescue us. I called Amanda too but she was at work.

Travis called a few minutes later to check on us and I asked him if he was going to work from home for the rest of the day (it takes a while to get here from Nashville). And he said he hadn’t even thought of it. He just knew we were in trouble and that it was 22 degrees outside and had to get home. I hadn’t realized it was 22 degrees.

I spent the next half hour or so talking to Travis and trying to keep the girls out of the snow and trying to convince them that we weren’t going to starve or freeze to death. Chloe did her best MacGyver impersonation. I had to keep her from trying to break in the house. In the end, we were in a huddle. I wasn’t really that cold but they were.

Travis rescued us and took the girls inside and I was able to use the hair dryer to warm up little feet and calm frazzled/complainy girls.

Travis was able to have lunch with us and we still ran our errands. I had to scratch Bathos off the list because we just didn’t have time (although I really could have used a bath fizzy that day). We did get the paint for Chloe’s room, it’s lavender verbena from Martha Stewart’s collection at Home Depot. And I had an extra house and car key made.

We had dinner with Amanda that night and as I was relaying the story she (jokingly) asked if I’d done it on purpose to have something to write about. What? No, I didn’t lock the kids and I out in 22 degree weather in order to have something to write about. I will never resort to frost bite for a story. These things happen. It’s just one thing in a long line of things that makes Travis shake his head and laugh at me.

Oh, and I seem to have lost my new house key.


7 thoughts on “Locked Out

  1. You may not have locked yourself out to have something to write about, but I suspect you didn’t tell me about this on Saturday so that I’d have something to READ about. πŸ™‚

    • We did actually have this conversation with Eric at least. He said if he’d known he would have told Travis to stay home. Maybe you were with Dorothy?

  2. I’ve done some, shall we say, “silly” things like that too. Hate the feeling I get when my own, shall we say, “lack of concentration,” gets me into trouble and requires assistance from someone else.

    You are right though…it’s just something that happens. People have, shall we say, “incidents of judgment loss” and “moments of victory evasion.”

    Love that you used a blow dryer to warm their little toes. Your girls are going to have some really great memories.

  3. Well, yeah, Eric could have told Travis to stay home… but you also could have called me and I would have run you to Rhondas if I was home. Always call me first- I’m 5 minutes away. And, um, we should exchange spare keys. Why haven’t we done that already?

    • Well, I thought about it and if the circumstances had been more dire I would have.

      A spare key exchange is a really good idea πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome πŸ™‚ Sounds like something I would do. Actually, I have done something a lot like that once or twice.
    The purple paint isn’t too bad, for purple, you know? I think it’ll be cute!

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