An Unexpected Day Off…

Chloe is sick. She has a sore throat and headache and generally just feels yucky. I feel really bad for her but it does give me some unexpected cleaning time. I guess I consider it a day off if I actually have time to clean during the week.

This past Saturday was the annual Button/Kelso/Fadely post Christmas brunch. We’ve been doing it for years. It was Mary’s idea to begin with and we have it at the Kelso home every year. There’s always tons of really good food and laughter and catching up. Really, the food is good. So good, in fact, that I put off my New Year diet plan. No sense in being on a diet for a few days and then wrecking it. This year was just as wonderful as the last and I think this year was unusual in that none of us has added any kids since last year. For a while there we increased by one or two a year. When we all first started getting together years ago there were two kids, Amanda and Grant. This year there were 9 but Amanda was missing so there would have been 10. It’s amazing really.

I love this kid. I love them all. He’s old enough now to talk to and to have fun with. The little one behind him is pretty fantastic too.

This is the little one that was new to our little group last year. Her parents adopted her and she is just amazing. You can read about her adoption story here. Trav, I’m sorry about the picture of you but it’s an adorable picture of Dorothy. She really wanted to button his shirt.

See, it’s really fun to be able to teach the big kid card games. The little one didn’t get it but Grant played several rounds of spoons with us. The little one is terribly cute though. I think he ran off to save the world after this.

And here they all are. Did I mention that we started with *two* kids? They are all sweet and special and we’ve watched them all grow up. They’ve all been friends since they were in diapers and I can give them the “you’ve been friends since you were in diapers so figure it out” lecture when they don’t get along.

I will not get terribly sentimental. Not here anyway. I’ll save my mooshy sentiments for myself. I will say that it’s been a blessing to walk out life for the last 10+ years with this group of friends. We’ve called each other our “Nashville family” for years because most of us didn’t have any family here. We’ve also talked about it being the family we choose.

I think that sounds about right.


8 thoughts on “An Unexpected Day Off…

  1. I was more relaxed this year than I have been in the past and guess what…we still ate and did all the things we normally do. Proving that I don’t have to lose my mind in order to have a good time.

    I so enjoyed everyone being here and just wonder what things will look like next time around.

  2. It was fantastic, and relaxed, and lovely. The food, the fellowship, the kids (who mostly behaved themselves!), Spoons (I can’t wait to scream again!), and the warm fire. I love you all!

  3. And, I’m kind of sad we didn’t get a picture of all the adults. I wanted to, but we didn’t time it well with rushing to the airport and all. So, next time, will you all humor me and let me snap a picture of us? ‘Cause, the kids are cute and all, but we’re the first generation friends! 🙂

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