Today is Wednesday, the day that Travis works from home. It’s a recent development and I have trouble remembering that he does it. So far he’s watched me cook bacon (real bacon, he’s very happy), put the dog outside, chase the dog once Bo let her off her tether (I don’t know how he does it), give the horribly muddy dog a bath and clean up the muddy nastiness in the bathroom. He’s working after all, and can’t really help me with any of those things. Although he did offer to help give Daisy a bath on his lunch break. He lamented the fact that I hadn’t written anything earlier, so this post is for my hubby.

My hubby who is really the sweetest guy ever. I don’t like bacon fat. I think it’s disgusting and have since I was a kid. I think that bacon tastes okay besides that but I preferred Sizzlean when I was a wee one because I couldn’t see any fat in it. I guess it’s like turkey bacon. But since I started Atkins a few days ago we have real bacon. Anyway, Travis wanted some and I saw him scanning all the pieces. I said “I can’t believe it, you’re looking for the best piece of bacon!” and he said “Wait, no, I’m not!”. “Yes, you are looking for the best piece!”, (why else would anybody scan a plate of bacon?) to which he replied “No, I’m not. You hate fat so I’m looking for the piece with the most fat so you don’t have to eat it”.

Amy hangs head in shame.

I should have known, he’s always doing stuff like that. He eats the least desirable piece of fruit or the muffin that’s fallen apart or our leftovers or the heels of the bread. He’s a good guy that guy I married. Sigh. I think I’ll keep him.

Halle. That kid cracks me up all the time. A couple of nights ago she blocked the door to the play room with her teensy little body, arms spread out between the door frame. “What’s the password?” she asked me. “Move out of the way or I’ll smoosh you?” I replied (it wasn’t as mean as it sounds). She dropped her arms and looked at me and said “That’s the worst password I ever heard!”. Then she chased me down the hallway and said “No! I don’t accept the password!” So I grabbed her and swung her around in the air and tickled her. Her laughter… it’s one of the most beautiful sounds in the whole world.

Daisy, being every bit a Button, decided that she needed a hug too. I’m really not kidding. If any of the Buttons are caught in an embrace, Daisy barks or jumps up and wraps her front legs around us…as much as she can. So I danced down the hall a bit with Daisy, holding her front paws the whole time. The Buttons have a real need for hugs. Well, not from just anybody. We don’t walk up and hug strangers or anything but we hug each other a lot. Including our needy dog.

Today Halle and I will do school. Chloe will rest. She said her throat feels like she had her tonsils taken out and she has a headache and she whimpers when her fever goes up. There will be chores (well, for me) and probably video games. Oh, I forgot to tell you…Halle has started finishing races on Mario Kart. If you don’t have Mario Kart, then this won’t be important to you but she came in first all by herself! There was much celebrating and laughing and high-fiving. Daisy had no idea what was going on but she celebrated with us. Halle was so proud of herself. I love that kid…all my kids.

I have a pretty great life.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Ah, hugs…Can’t wait to meet Daisy and give my grandgirls all the hugs I’ve been saving up for them…and I won’t say anything about Travis because everybody will think it’s because I am his mom… 🙂

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