Is It Possible?

Do you think it’s possible to die from beach withdrawal? If you’re my mother-in-law I know the answer is yes. Really though, could I actually die from not seeing the beach? Today it feels like I could.

We have more snow. And while I’m not a grumpy pants about it per se, I’m longing for wide open blue skies and palm trees and ocean. Sigh. I think I will forever feel homesick for Florida. But if I wasn’t in Tennessee, I’d feel homesick for it. The hills, the trees, the streams and changing seasons juxtaposed with sun, sand, lakes (we have a real shortage of lakes here, people!), ocean, and dolphins.

I miss incredibly violent thunder storms (they make me sleepy). I wish the meteorologists wouldn’t freak out about every.single.bit. of precipitation we get here. But I don’t miss the humidity. I do miss ocean life terribly and the best I can do is an aquarium. My kids don’t really know how to swim. Chloe has learned to swim but it’s so long between times that she actually gets to swim that she forgets how. Pools here are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. And while nobody is swimming in Florida right now, it’s possible at times to swim in, say December. I miss orange trees and really fresh produce. And I miss being able to see the sky for miles and miles. The hills are in the way here…

But I love hills. Really. The winter here is gray and brown but spring is beautifully dramatic. Fall is incredible and the pace of life here is slower. Well, mostly slower. It’s nice that it’s only hellishly hot here for a little while instead of May through October.

And my kid lives here. The kid that doesn’t live with me anymore. We are far past the spot that we could just drag her along with us wherever we go. I guess that means that I have roots here now.

And I suppose that’s a good thing. Everybody needs roots. I suppose I’ll always mourn a bit for the things and people I left behind. Apparently I’m feeling sentimental again. Or maybe I’m just cold. I’m sure I’ll be fine as soon as things warm up again. Although a road trip would be good too….


8 thoughts on “Is It Possible?

  1. Moving away is a srange struggle I think. Especially when it’s the place you grew up. Having good childhood memories in a place makes it a place that will always be special, you’ll always want to share it and part of you will always want to go back. I know a lot of people don’t know the charms of MI, but I do. I know how perfect the summers are, how wonderful the sunsets can be and how magical the sight of fireflies over an open field can look. Most of all I know WHO is there and I wish I could take people into my world and the comforts and joys of my welcoming and hilarious family. I never gained weight while in Michigan cause I burned it off laughing…I’m sure of it.

    The great thing is…you do appreciate where you are and I know you have a contentment here as well. I guess we are just being thankful for having two wonderful places to call home. No?

    • I really miss my family (mine and Trav’s) and I’ve never really figured out what in the world we’re supposed to be doing here. I mean, just living here is fine, I don’t know what the point is. I’ve just never found the purpose or really felt like I was at home. We’re not moving, it’s just more difficult sometimes. I think especially when the sun doesn’t shine for a week 🙂

      • Yes…the contrast is glaring even under cloud cover. 🙂

        I sometimes have to assume that God called me into something, or out of something just for the sake of someone else. I don’t assume I’m being thrown under the bus in the process, but maybe my role is secondary to that of His need to do something in my friend, my husband or my child. Maybe you are here because Amanda was supposed to meet Brian. I am not saying that’s the only reason, because obviously, He could have orchestrated that some other way, but I look at my move to Nashville that way sometimes…it wasn’t just for me…I didn’t even want to come, and spent my first several years trying to go home, but I wouldn’t have met Kris in MI, I was even in Lakeland when he still lived there and didn’t meet him then. It was here. And for some reason we are still here. I long to be with family too, but I trust God has a reason to have us raising our children hundreds of miles and in between two very healthy and helpful extended families, whether I like it or not.

        I intended to be encouraging but I’m starting to feel depressed. I don’t often let myself think about that stuff. LOL. 🙂

      • No! Don’t get depressed! I’m fine, really 😉 No, I get it. I’m not doing anything with music but if I hadn’t studied it I wouldn’t have met and married Travis. Plus, you know, I got to wear fancy dresses and stuff.

        We don’t get to go to Florida very often. We can rarely afford it and it’s been 1 1/2 years since we’ve been. I think we just need a visit and by the end of it I’d want to come home to Tennessee 🙂

  2. Yeah. The beach is great, but the humidity – ugh. Even in the middle of winter it gets bad. Yesterday? Yesterday it was sweating weather. Blerg.

  3. What a great post…right up my alley…I’m bummed because I wrote most of my blog tonight, went to erase something and viola…my whole post disappeared…Sigh…Now I have to start over…tomorrow…and it was a good blog…not a bit whiny!..

    I haven’t been to the beach since October and I am pining away…I have salt water in my blood…I love the smells of the beach–clean and salty…I love the sand under my toes, the sounds of the waves and birds…I, too, love palm trees and little beach cottages and the laid back, flip flop lifestyle…You never need anxiety medication or sleeping pills there…After a day at the beach, your troubles are gone and you sleep like a baby! Besides, doesn’t it feel great when you shower after a sticky, sweaty, hot beach day? Yeah!

    I love thunderstorms too, especially when you can snuggle under the covers!

    To Christy: Yesterday may have been a little humid but today is cold! That’s the surprise you get here… 🙂

    In Florida, our seasons are subtle…but we still have them…I am so looking forward to spring when everything comes alive again and the flowers will be profuse…But I love Tennesse because it gives me what i don’t have here…mountains, a little snow and my Button family!

    P.S. Here’s praying the Lord will bless us with our annual anniversary trip to the beach in April…

  4. I somehow missed this entry. You know I understand the pull of family, as well. I have to think that a little bit of us all being in TN is that we have the BuKelsFad family! Right?

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